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Virtual V-Day 2021: Vibes for Vulvas

Virtual V-Day 2021: Vibes for Vulvas Valentine's Day is less than one week away, and we're on to our fifth Virtual V-Day event: Vibes for Vulvas. Today we’re talking about vibrators of many shapes and sizes. The items we're covering in this entry are designed to be used on the clitoris and/or vaginally, but vibration can feel great on lots of sensitive spots.*

If you’re searching for a gift to give, a new thing to try with a partner, or something to treat yourself, these vibes will give you plenty of fun options to choose from!

Toys from the Future: Bluetooth Tech Saves the Day

Toys from the Future: Bluetooth Tech Saves the Day With social-distancing being the new norm, many partners are transitioning to long-distance relationships, even when they live only a few blocks away. In keeping with the “better safe than sorry” mode of thinking, couples are going to have to get creative. A resurgence of phone-sex is bound to happen, but why stop there? Technology has our horny backs with new Bluetooth-enabled toys that are specifically designed to be played with from afar. Here are some of the best to keep you connected during your new long-distance play.

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