T Time Feb 12, 2023: For the Girls and Fems

T Time Feb 12, 2023: For the Girls and Fems

At this month's T Time, we’re bringing trans women and transfeminine folks of all orientations together to share their experiences navigating sex and pleasure. We’ll talk about gender dysphoria during sex, toys made with transfem people in mind, and common myths about hormone use and sexuality. 


T Time is Tool Shed’s monthly space for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. Our discussion group is exclusively for trans* and gender-questioning folks; cis friends and partners may join their loved ones when browsing the store.


Note: February’s T Time event is centering transfem folks; however, folks of all trans and nonbinary identities are welcomed to attend.


T Time: For the Girls & Fems
Sunday, February 12 @ 11:00 AM


Co-moderating this talk are Shaan Lashun (he/they) and Ashley Altadonna (she/her).


In addition to his role at Tool Shed as a kink/sexuality educator, Shaan runs the Milwaukee Queer Munch – a monthly gathering for queer and trans kinksters (and the curious/exploring). Shaan’s experience in sex education and trans wellness has included work with organizations and conferences nationwide, such as the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, NYC Department of Health, the George Washington University, and Grindr. 


Ashley is one of Tool Shed’s most seasoned staff, working as a Sexual Health and Wellness Educator since 2008. From 2016 to 2019, she served as Project Coordinator and Transgender Community Specialist for FORGE, a national transgender anti-violence organization. She has also been a contributor to several local online magazines as well as being featured in Morty Diamond’s anthology, Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love & Relationships Beyond the Gender Binary.


T Time is a free event held in person at The Tool Shed.  Reservations are not necessary.

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