About Chest Binders

Chest binders are articles of clothing that help minimize the appearance of breast tissue.  Binders are often used by trans and gender non-binary people to flatten the chest and create a body silhouette that is more traditionally masculine in appearance.

There are a few different manufacturers of chest binders in today's market, and each kind fits and is sized differently.  The Tool Shed offers a variety of binders manufactured by Underworks.  Information and measuring instructions specific to Underworks Binders are included below.

How to Measure for an Underworks Binder
First take a snug measurement under the breast line with a tape measure-- lift your breast tissue up and place the tape underneath if necessary (this is a measurement of your rib cage). Next take another measurement over the fullest part of your chest. You might want to wear a sports bra when you do this. Again, not too tight but not too loose. Take the average of these two measurements (add them and divide by 2) and apply the result to the sizing recommendation provided for each Underworks style.

If your first measurement of the rib cage is 32", and the over-tissue measurement is 38".
32" + 38" = 70". 70" divided by 2 = 35".
Use the average measurement (35") to find your size.

If you are between sizes (unless you’ve already tried an Underworks binder and know your size), it is likely better to opt for the larger size--you want to be able to put the binder on and breathe!

Each Underworks item has a different scale based on the elasticity of the fabric used and the cut of the garment, so pay careful attention to the sizing scale for each style when choosing a size.

How to Put On Your Underworks Binder
Tank-top style binders can be put on just like a pullover or a t-shirt. In some cases, depending on your body type, if a tank-top style binder is too difficult to get on this way, you can step into the garment through the neck hole and pull it up.

T-shirt style binders are put on just like a pullover or a t-shirt.

Keep in mind that binders will stretch a over time as you wear them.

Care For Your Binder
Hand wash or machine wash your binders ONLY in cold water. Use gentle cycle when machine washing. DO NOT iron. Do not place the garment near any kind of heat source. DO NOT use any kind of bleach. Drip dry or flat dry. DO NOT place your binder in the dryer.  This will prolong the life of your binder.

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