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The following is a list of upcoming classes, events, and other Tool Shed happenings.

All events are held at 2427 N. Murray Ave., two blocks north of North Ave. near the intersection of North and Farwell, unless otherwise noted.

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Due to physical distancing guidelines over the coronavirus, we're moving most of our happenings online!  For online events, we are using the Zoom platform. Online events are moderated. The meeting link will be posted here, and on our Facebook page, shortly before each event begins.

Tool Shed Book Club: Online Edition!
Sunday, January 3, 2021 at 5:00 pm

January book selection:
Building Open Relationships
Your Hands on Guide to Swinging, Polyamory, and Beyond!
by Liz Powell

Book description:
Have you read a book on non-monogamy and still wondered "But how do you actually DO this?" Are you totally great on the theory of open relationships, but feel like you don't know how it works in practice?

Join Dr. Liz Powell, psychologist, speaker, and coach, as she draws from her education, research, and life experience to bring you Building Open Relationships. This new book is an all-inclusive guide to beginning and maintaining your non-monogamous life, no matter where you fall under the non-monogamous umbrella. Complete with worksheets, discussion starters, examples, and hard-won lessons (i.e. the author's mistakes), this book will give you all the tools you need to be more successful in non-monogamy.

Event description:
Each month the Tool Shed book club meets to discuss a book or other piece of writing that sheds light on sexuality today.

Book club meetings are hosted by the Tool Shed staff, and we pick different readings based on group interests. Participants are welcome on a drop-in basis; a monthly commitment is not necessary. Please join us! We will post the Zoom link to the virtual meeting here and on our Facebook events page shortly before the event begins.

Upcoming book club selections are available for 20% off the cover price at the Tool Shed. Please help support the Tool Shed by purchasing your book club books with us!

This is a free event, hosted on Zoom. Online events are moderated: check out our online events policies here.