Upcoming Classes & Events Listing

The following is a list of upcoming in-store classes, events, and other Tool Shed happenings.

All events are held at 2427 N. Murray Ave., two blocks north of North Ave. near the intersection of North and Farwell, unless otherwise noted.

Bacchanalia Basics
with Cooper Becket and Dylan Thomas

Friday, September 29, 8:30 pm

They're whispered about, opinions are drawn, expectations are high for both attendees and non. The sex party, the play party, the swinger party, call it what you will, to anyone who’s never been to one they conjure up visions of hedonistic abandon, or deeply creepy masked affairs. With so many people looking to explore their sexuality and needing a safe place to do so, play parties have value far beyond a whole bunch of naked people in a room. They can educate as well as titillate. The Life on the Swingset crew, a group known for their parties talk about the value of play parties, throwing them, and attending them, will delve into the concerns both logistically (how to arrange a bedroom so ten people can fit on the bed), ethically (consent, interaction with people, disclosures of STI status and relationship arrangements), and address how to deal with potential issues you may encounter, creeps, left out individuals, and levels of risk aware sex involvement. In this session they’ll be broken down from all sides, the academic idea behind them, throwing them, and attending them.

Cooper Beckett's life isn't like other people's. When he's not writing or podcasting at Life on the Swingset, he's living it up as an evangelical swinger, exploring Poly, and spreading the good word that "sharing is caring." He truly believes that a good many people would be open to exploring the fringe of human sexuality, knocking down the borders between orientations, and experiencing great sex, that most basic of human rights, if only they were told it's okay to do so. He has resolved to make the world safer for sexuality, even if it's only one couple at a time.

Dylan Thomas is a different kind of evangelist. Dylan sees the need for an evolution in how people communicate and how people perceive each other. By learning that love and emotion are unlimited resources, people can take responsibility for themselves, their emotions, their actions and learn to enjoy and appreciate the wealth of diversity in lifestyles and sexuality everywhere. As a co-host on Life on the Swingset, Dylan has relayed his own journey: wading through the barren lands of homophobia and male chauvinism and progressing into yearning for bi-sexuality, creating communities around swinging, learning about growing new relationships through polyamory, and being willing to expose his own failings, fears, and triumphs along the way.

$15 per person/$25 per couple. Register here!

Decorative Rope
with Sir Wieland and cat
Thursday, October 12, 8:30 pm

In this class, we'll take basic ties and turn them into decorative pieces of art on the body. With a few ideas, we hope to inspire you to use your imagination to develop your own ties.

We'll cover an ankle tie, a toe tie (is your pedicure up to date?), chest ties and karadas.

Bring rope, and wear fitted clothing so the rope doesn't tangle in your clothes. If you're not sure what kind of rope, or how much, just bring what you have. We'll have rope available here for your use, and some for sale after the class. Also, bring your creative mind.

$15 per person or $25 per couple-- sign up with a friend or partner and save! Register here.

Join Us on Facebook Live for
Ask the Sexperts!
Tuesday, October 17 at 8:30pm

When it comes to sex, it seems like the more you learn, the more there is to learn. Do you have a question or three about sexual health or pleasure? Wanna get an honest answer and a couple of good laughs? Spend the evening in the virtual company of Tool Shed staffers Lucky and Hudson and anonymously ask your secret questions. We'll combine honesty and humor, while providing accurate, up-to-date information to anyone with questions. Please join us!

For this event, we'll go live from our Tool Shed Facebook page at 8:30pm on October 17.  Questions can be sent to our Facebook message inbox starting at 7:30pm.  Sending us a question grants us permission to read the question aloud, but we will never reveal any personal details like your name, age, or location when reading the question.

MKE Poly Group
Wednesday, October 18, 8:00 pm

This monthly discussion group is open to anyone who is interested in exploring polyamorous, nonmonogamous, or open relationships. Newcomers welcome. More information at www.meetup.com/Southeast-Wisconsin-Polyamory-discussion-group/. FREE.

Couples Massage
with Kari Nabbefeld, LMT

Sunday, October 22, 10 am

This is a MORNING class. Get ready for the cozy evenings of fall with a nurturing morning of partner massage. Learn how to improve intimacy and reduce stress with your partner through massage. In this class we will cover the basics of Swedish Massage, and learn ways to work massage into your everyday life, creating opportunities for you and your partner to escape from stress and open lines of communication through the power of touch. Together we can develop a routine and establish dialogue useful when speaking with your partner about touch. Both partners will take turns giving and receiving massage with Kari's guidance. At the end of this class you will receive materials that you can consult at home.

Kari L. Nabbefeld is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Graduate of Fox Valley School of Massage in Appleton, Wisconsin. As a freelance therapist she dose not work at a spa but rather works events around Milwaukee ranging from small parties to workplace or festival events. Passionate about prenatal, infant and sports massage, she is available for individual appointments. There will be no tables for this class, so please bring a yoga mat, thick beach towel or blanket, as well as a sheet for draping during your massage. Bring your favorite massage oil, or use one provided by Kari.

Class size limited!

$50 per couple. Pre-registration required. Register here!