Upcoming Classes & Events Listing

The following is a list of upcoming in-store classes, events, and other Tool Shed happenings.

All events are held at 2427 N. Murray Ave., two blocks north of North Ave. near the intersection of North and Farwell, unless otherwise noted.

Couples Massage
with Kari Nabbefeld
Sunday, May 7, 10 am
This is a MORNING class

Learn how to improve intimacy and reduce stress with your partner through massage. In this class we will cover the basics of Swedish Massage, and learn ways to work massage into your everyday life, creating opportunities for you and your partner to escape from stress and open lines of communication through the power of touch. Together we can develop a routine and establish dialogue useful when speaking with your partner about touch. Both partners will take turns giving and receiving massage with Kari's guidance. At the end of this class you will receive materials that you can consult at home.

Kari L. Nabbefeld is a Licensed Massage Therapist, and a Graduate of Fox Valley School of Massage in Appleton, Wisconsin. As a freelance therapist she dose not work at a spa but rather works events around Milwaukee ranging from small parties to workplace or festival events. Passionate about prenatal, infant and sports massage, she is available for individual appointments.

There will be no tables for this class, so please bring a yoga mat, thick beach towel or blanket, as well as a sheet for draping during your massage. Bring your favorite massage oil, or use one provided by Kari.

Class size limited! THIS CLASS IS SOLD OUT!

$50 per couple. Pre-registration required.

The Art of the Tease Burlesque Dance
with Sugar St. Clair and Polly Amor
Friday, May 12, 8:30 pm

The Tool Shed has been a proud sponsor of the Brew City Bombshells since the beginning of the troupe. We're excited to have two of the Bombshells' very own stars present this fun and exciting burlesque dancing class. 

Sugar and Polly will introduce some of the classic burlesque moves and begin teaching a short routine. Then the group will practice and perfect the routine, incorporating struts, glove peels and feather boa work. 

This class is open to people of all genders, orientations, body types and ages (over 18, please). Wear comfortable clothes and bring a set of heels. Don't worry -- everyone's clothes will stay on during this class.

Sugar St. Clair joined the Brew City Bombshells in 2009. She has been a full time member of the troupe since then, and is also a member of the Miltown Kings. She's dedicated to the Milwaukee queer art scene and plans to keep on dancing for a very long time.

Polly Amour has been doing burlesque with the Brew City Bombshells since 2010. Since then she has started her own burlesque theater troupe that focuses on geek themed burlesque, Dainty Rogue Productions. She strongly believes that burlesque is an art for people of any size, gender, and ability and tries to bring that awareness to the performer community with her sass and ass.

$25 per person. Register here.

MKE Poly Group
Wednesday, May 17, 8:00 pm

This monthly discussion group is open to anyone who is interested in exploring polyamorous, nonmonogamous, or open relationships. Newcomers welcome. More information at www.meetup.com/Southeast-Wisconsin-Polyamory-discussion-group/.

This is a FREE event.

A Discussion on Sex and Aging
with Dr. Akeira Johnson
Saturday, May 20, 10 am
This is a MORNING class!

Please join us for a frank discussion about the ups and downs of senior sex. Akeira will start with some general information about sex, health, and pleasure after 55. She'll talk about reclaiming and maintaining sexual health with chronic illness, reduced mobility, after menopause, and to other age-related health issues that may arise. Additionally, Akeira will give a few hints for feeling frisky as you age. Then we'll open up this for an informal small group discussion where you can have your questions answered and get the info you need to stay as active as you want to be for as long you want!

From Akeira Johnson, MD: I have a specialty practice in women's health and I see the void of accurate education about sexual health in my patient's lives. I have started and currently run a female sexual health clinic at the VA hospital here in Milwaukee. I think that there are so many patients that can benefit from being empowered to talk about sex with their healthcare providers. In my practice, I focus on normalizing the many acts of sex and the importance of a sex life that is both consensual and enjoyable. I hope that outside of the VA I can empower people to have further discussions with health care providers if there is concern for pathology, empower those interested in (legal) nontraditional sexual activity (same sex, swinging, etc), and embracing sexual health as a priority.

$10 per person. Register here.

Hot, Healthy Humiliation
with Dr. Liz Powell
Saturday, July 8, 8:30 pm

Are you worried that there's something wrong with you because you want someone to call you stupid, dirty or a slut? Find out how to have hotter, deeper scenes and feel better about it afterward! So many people struggle to make sense of how they can be so woke and yet still want such dirty things. Whether degradation for you is about being a filthy bitch, a dumb sissy, or a worthless piece of fuck meat you can also be a feminist, anti-racist, queer activist, or other Social Justice Warrior at the same time.

Join Dr. Liz Powell to explore the way to feel great about desires that seem troubling on the surface.

At the end of this two-hour class, you will:

  • Know that what gets you going in a scene doesn’t have to change how you think about yourself.
  • Learn how to provide good aftercare for both roles so that you can emerge from your play happy and enriched.
  • Understand that it’s totally normal (and even best) to be into social justice if you’re into degradation play so that your play will be founded in healthy beliefs and practices, not in damaging ones.
  • People who don’t find a way to feel good about their desires can spend years feeling guilty and ashamed. Don’t let that be you.
  • Let go of your fears and shame now and start having the scenes you want! 

Liz Powell is a psychologist and coach who helps people learn how to tap into their authentic selves to create relationships that make them feel worthy and deserving of love exactly how they are. She has presented at many conferences, including the American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors, and Therapists Annual Conference, CatalystCon, and Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit. In addition, she has taught classes on relationship styles and sexual communication at venues such as SheBop in Portland, the San Francisco Armory (home of Kink.com), and Mission Control (the birthplace of Kinky Salon). Dr. Powell is also a decorated veteran with 5 years service as an Army Psychologist and one tour in Afghanistan. She is queer, non-monogamy, and kink-affirming in all of her work. Most of all, she delights in working with those who consider themselves queerdos, misfits, and badasses.

$20 per person. Register here.