Upcoming Classes & Events Listing

The following is a list of upcoming classes, events, and other Tool Shed happenings.

We host some events in person, and some events online. Most in-person classes and events are held at our storefront at 2427 N Murray Avenue in Milwaukee, WI. When events are held at a different site, we will note that location clearly in the event description.

The Tool Shed's detailed guidelines around classes and events (including our policies around cancellation, refunds, waiting lists, etc.) can be read here.

For online events, we are using the Zoom platform. Online events are moderated. Check out our online events policies here. ALL TIMES LISTED ARE CENTRAL TIME.

Please bear in mind that The Tool Shed's physical location is a sexuality boutique. As such, we require that event and class attendees be at least 18 years of age.

Sex Workers Project Docuseries Screening and Talkback
Wednesday, September 13, 2023
7:00 pm Central Time
Virtual Event

Join us for a thought-provoking film screening featuring two documentaries that shed light on the lives of sex workers and their families. These films challenge stereotypes and stigma while highlighting the resilience and importance of sex worker families.

The first installment, titled "Sex(ual) Healing," features stories from individuals of diverse gender and cultural backgrounds in the sex work industry. They discuss the potential benefits of decriminalization, such as increased empowerment, connection, and healing. The documentary sheds light on the lack of protections for sex workers, particularly BIPOC trans and queer individuals, leading to violation, discrimination, and mental health challenges.

"Family Matters" offers insight from the families of sex workers, inviting viewers to explore the intricate interplay between love, acceptance, and societal dynamics. It confronts the hurdles sex workers encounter, including societal judgment, isolation, and the repercussions on their relationships and parenting.

The Sex Workers Project provides client-centered legal and social services to individuals who engage in sex work, regardless of whether they do so by choice, circumstance, or coercion. As a national organization that defends the human rights of sex workers by destigmatizing and decriminalizing people in the sex trades, SWP aims to create a sexually liberated world where all workers have the autonomy and power to fully enjoy their human rights. https://swp.urbanjustice.org/

This is a virtual class, held on Zoom.
(Donations are welcome at https://swp.urbanjustice.org/donate-2/)
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/d7caf127c7

Pegging 101
with Lyndzi Miller
Friday, September 22, 2023
8:30pm Central Time

Lyndzi Miller-- co-author of The Pegging Book: A Complete Guide to Anal Sex with a Strap-On Dildo-- is ready to tackle all you’ve ever wanted to know about pegging! How is it done? What are the right tools for the job? Does it actually feel good? Will pegging make you gay (if you're not already)? She'll answer these questions and talk about safety, anatomy, and the health benefits of being pegged.

Lyndzi Miller (she/her) has been a sexuality educator at The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique since 2012, and is their current assistant manager. She established the Milwaukee Poly Group in 2008, facilitating discussion and support group meetings every month since. She also hosts the bi-weekly podcast, Polyamory Uncensored, interviewing ethically non-monogamous folks on their polyamorous journeys. She is an avid knitter, a mother, a burlesque dancer, and a huge geek.

This is an in-person class, held at the Tool Shed.
$15-$25, sliding scale.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/1f9aa4d626

Sex as 3ibada
with Elias Bouderdaben and Alesia Venese
Tuesday, September 26, 2023
7:00pm Central Time
Virtual Class

Queer folks are aware that divinity and pleasure can overlap and are intrinsically aligned. Due to the overwhelming and suffocating prevalence of Christian tradition and morality embedded into almost all aspects of our lives in the US, it is common for sex and pleasure to be posited as an antithesis to purification and G-dliness.

One of the main tenets of Islam is that of 3ibada, or worship. In this session, Alesia Venese and Elias Bouderdaben will share how an integral part of their personal practise is expanding their 3ibada to include sex and pleasure. Through discussion, participants will exchange ideas in community to continue deepening this practise with intentionality.

This session is based on Alesia and Elias' personal understanding of Islam and is geared towards a Muslim audience, but people of all faiths are welcome to join. Participants will leave with ideas to incorporate worship into their pleasure practises.

Elias Bouderdaben (they/them) is a nonbinary Amazigh Algerian Muslim poet and printmaker living on occupied Piscataway and Nacotchtank lands, who firmly believes art cannot exist outside of activism. Elias received their MFA from Howard University in Electronic Studio Art. They explore concepts of sexuality, gender, pleasure, revolution, and diaspora, at the intersections of race and spirituality in their work. Their dream is to open a Queer-affirming masjid where they live, and currently run a small affinity group called Halal And Queer Collective (HAQ Collective) to provide healing spaces for other Queer Muslims.

Alesia Venese (she/they) is a Black Feminist troublemaker, singer-songwriter, playwright, and general creatrix. She has worked in social services in the DC area for 10+ years. She is currently a caseworker for MHAP, the centralized source for housing services for people living with HIV/AIDs. She is an independent contractor of trauma informed care circles in the TIMBo method. Throughout her career, Alesia has noticed and built upon the connection between sexual wellness, self-worth, and divinity.

This is a virtual class, held on Zoom.
$5-$10, sliding scale.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/4ef16754b7

T Time: A Space for Trans Folks to Talk about Pleasure and Intimacy
Sunday, October 1, 2023
5:00pm-6:30pm Central Time

T Time is a space for trans folks to talk about pleasure and intimacy.

In October, we're bringing together our trans community to chat openly, share experiences, and explore the intersection of gender identity and kink in a judgment-free zone. Whether you're curious, seasoned, or just looking to connect with like-minded folks, join us for some enlightening and lighthearted conversations!

T Time is Tool Shed’s regular space for trans, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming people. Our discussion group is exclusively for trans* and gender-questioning folks; cis friends and partners may join their loved ones when browsing the store. Browsing time happens from 5:00pm to 5:30pm, and discussion group happens from 5:30pm-6:30pm.

T Time happens after our store hours have ended, offering a relaxed space for trans and nonbinary folks to ask questions and learn in a more focused environment.

Moderating the group is Shaan Lashun (he/they), one of the Tool Shed’s newest team members! In addition to his role at Tool Shed as a kink/sexuality educator, Shaan runs the Milwaukee Queer Munch – a monthly gathering for queer and trans kinksters (and the curious/exploring) – and has a busy history working in sex education and trans wellness.

This is an in-person event, held at the Tool Shed.
T Time is free. Registration is not required.

Kink 101
with Shaan Lashun
Thursday, October 5, 2023
8:30pm Central Time

Curious about kink but unsure where to begin?

Join Tool Shed's own Shaan Lashun as they dive into the basics with our Kink 101 class! Whether you're new to the scene or dusting off your floggers, this class will help you discover the exciting realm of BDSM and embrace pleasure confidently. Topics include consent, negotiation, vetting, abuse vs BDSM, aftercare, healthy boundaries, finding spaces, and exploring ways to play.

Shaan Lashun (he/they) is one of the Tool Shed’s newest team members! In addition to his role at Tool Shed as a kink/sexuality educator, Shaan runs the Milwaukee Queer Munch – a monthly gathering for queer and trans kinksters (and the curious/exploring) – and has a busy history working in sex education and trans wellness.

This is an in-person class, held at the Tool Shed.
$10-$15, sliding scale.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/246ba607bb

Impact Play
with LeatherRedux
Sunday, October 8, 2023
5:30pm Central Time

Interested in kink and want to explore beyond spanking? This class is for you!

LeatherRedux is visiting The Tool Shed to teach us about how floggers, paddles, whips, canes, or even just our hands can be used to make an impact in play. Safe strike zones, techniques, practicing, and negotiating a scene will all be topics of conversation. Plus a hands-on show n' tell and demo!

Leather Redux (LR) (she/her) is a just your friendly old school, neighborhood dominant leather lesbian from the 90s. She is probably the most romantic sadist you will ever know. She left kink for a bit and came back which is what "redux" means — a return or rebirth. She has come back to kink and is not turning back. As part of the leather tradition, service to the community is important to her and she does this by sharing and educating people where she can. If she's not teaching how to use floggers, she is sometimes teaching others about things such as knife play or fisting. Master MsLolaSmiles once coined her as the Mayor of Fist City — a city, if it existed, would be somewhere where she rules.

This is an in-person class, held at the Tool Shed.
$15-$20, sliding scale.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/e9785f6b48

The Expert Guide to the G-Spot & Squirting
with Tristan Taormino
Monday, October 9, 2023
8:30pm Central Time

The G-spot is an important erogenous zone for folks with vulvas and vaginas and here’s your chance to find out all about it, whether you don’t know how to find your G-spot or you’re an experienced G-spotter looking for some new techniques. We’ll cover G-spot anatomy, how to find your own or your partner’s G-spot, great G-spot positions and toys, and tips for orgasmic G-spot stimulation. Then we’ll delve into the world of squirting (aka vaginal ejaculation), discussing myths and truths about this phenomenon. Learn what it’s all about, why some people dribble and others gush, and tried and true techniques to help you learn to do it.

Tristan Taormino is an award-winning author, columnist, sex educator, speaker, media maker, and podcast host. She is the author of nine books and editor or co-editor of 25 anthologies. She keynotes, lectures, and teaches workshops around the world. She is the host and executive producer of the long running podcast Sex Out Loud. She is the creator of Sex Educator Boot Camp, a professional training program, and she runs a coaching and consulting business for sexuality professionals. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa with her Bachelor’s degree in American Studies from Wesleyan University in 1993.

This is an in-person class, held at the Tool Shed.
$15-25, sliding scale.
Register here: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/aa915c25cd

Be Legen-dairy! Intro to Hucow & Bovine Play
with Lady Vivus
Wednesday, October 18, 2023
7:00pm Central Time
Virtual Class

Discover ways to create a unique headspace, explore multiple roles, implement many forms of play, & learn about multiple milking methods to fill you with udder pleasure!

Cowboys/girls & cows have become all the rage in fashion & even in the bedroom. This class gives ideas on how to rocket into udder space. We’ll steak out the multiple ways we can nurture our inner cow or bovine by building a headspace with setting, costume, & of course, play, including breast torture/nipple stimulation & lactation!

The class also discusses the different types of dynamics involved in cow-centric pet play. Top, bottom, switch, hucow, bull, ox, farmer, butcher, or just curious, this class is for you! Join us, chew the cud, & love your cow. Built-in mind to be inclusive of any gender identity. Be seen & herd.

Lady Vivus (she/her) is a spiritually & culturally driven sex-positive educator & organizer. She is a Professional Switchinatrix, hucow & Bootblack, & is a self-proclaimed “Jewish American Pleasure Princess” & Dairy Queen. Lady V is an out, proud, & fierce-as-fire transwoman with a passion for empowering other trans folx & their loved ones. Her personality is best described as “Fran Drescher with a whip”.

Lady V has taught all over the United States for organizations & conferences such as Kinkfest, Southeast Leatherfest, Sex Positive World, SubSpace, & more! Lady V currently serves as an Advocacy Board Member for Sex Positive World & proudly helps facilitate their education. Lady V has also served her community by facilitating public health events, most recently being K!nk Out Loud in partnership with The Equi Institute & Multnomah County Public Health Dept.

This is a virtual class, held on Zoom.
$10-$15 sliding scale.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/631ab3c6dc

Rope Made Easy
with Sir Wieland and Cat
Wednesday, October 25, 2023
8:30pm Central Time

This entertaining, hands-on class is for those who say they can’t tie knots and that rope takes too long. Find out how easy rope can be!

We will be showing you how to tie a simple cuff (bolla bolla), a couple of arm ties, a basic chest tie, and a simple karada (body tie). With these concepts, you can be creative and develop your own ties and styles. We will talk briefly about safety, materials, and lengths, and then quickly get the rope in your hands. If you are unpartnered, we will pair people up so everyone gets a chance to tie. Tighter fitting clothing will make tying easier. If you normally wear a bra, a thinner (non underwire) bra or no bra is best for feeling the tie.

If you have your own rope, bring two 20-30 ft pieces. The instructor will also bring some rope for folks to use. After learning a few ties, you will have a better idea of the lengths you may want to have. The Tool Shed has a selection of rope for purchase.

Sir Wieland and Cat are respected and much beloved BDSM educators living in Southeastern Wisconsin. With decades of practical experience, they bring skill and sensitivity to their classes.

This is an in-person class, held at the Tool Shed.
$10-15, sliding scale, $25 per pair when signing up together
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/a729af4272

The Art of Dirty Talk
with Marla Renee Stewart
Thursday, November 2, 2023
6:30pm Central Time
Virtual Class

Are you a little shy when it comes to expressing yourself in the bedroom? Or maybe you’re good in bed, but you want to bring your sexual life to new level? Whatever it is, this workshop will help you to speak up in bed, as well as get you and your partner to a more sexually arousing state. Practicing words, power, intonation and intention, we will help you to magnify your sexual potential. We will use our creative imaginations to guide us in imagery that enhances our sexual energy and also learn ways to stimulate our hormones to achieve our sexual goals. Get ready to experience just how dirty you can get!

Marla Renee Stewart, MA (she/her) is an award-winning sexologist, author, and sexual strategist who runs her own sexuality education company, Velvet Lips, and is also a Co-Founder of the Sex Down South Conference. She has studied human sexuality for more than 20 years and has given over 1000 workshops all over the world. She also has been featured on a variety of media outlets, including Netflix’s Trigger Warning with Killer Mike and Love & HipHop Atlanta. She co-wrote her first book, The Ultimate Guide to Seduction & Foreplay with Dr. Jessica O’Reilly, which debuted in April 2020.

This is a virtual class, held on Zoom.
$10-$15, sliding scale.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/1dce26aff8

Pregnant Pause: Sexuality in the Childbearing Year
with Lucky Tomaszek
Thursday, November 16, 2023
7:00pm Central Time
Virtual Class

The childbearing year can be a wild ride for birthing parents of all genders. When sexual problems arise during those 12-ish months, it can be difficult to know the source. Is this a physiological issue, resulting from the typical changes of pregnancy or birth? Or is it an emotional issue, just another complication of the radical hormone shifts that often present in pregnant and postpartum people? We’ll talk about the typical (and fascinating!) anatomical and hormonal changes that take place throughout the childbearing year and their potential impact on sexual health and function.

Lucky Tomaszek, LM, CPM, is a community midwife, sexuality educator, and writer living in Milwaukee, WI. Lucky is the sole practitioner at Transitions: Birth Services for Every Body and a sexuality educator at The Tool Shed: An Erotic Boutique. She also wrote the semi-monthly column, "MKE SEX" at MilwaukeeRecord.com, and has contributed to Madison Young’s, The Ultimate Guide to Sex Through Pregnancy and Motherhood.

This is a virtual class, held on Zoom.
Register at: https://forbiddentickets.com/events/the-tool-shed/e00d4d857e