Toys from the Future: Bluetooth Tech Saves the Day

Toys from the Future: Bluetooth Tech Saves the Day

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We-Vibe Chorus
We-Vibe Chorus

Though the Chorus is designed to be worn during penetrative play (the small arm of the toy is inserted vaginally and the larger arm rests against the clitoris and vibrates), that doesn't mean penetration is necessary, nor that penetration has to be with a bio-penis. This little cutie can be used as a toy on its own or in tandem with a penis or dildo. And the best part? It can connect via Bluetooth using the We-Connect App so that a partner can control the toy from anywhere in the world (as long as they have a smartphone and an internet connection). Through the app, a partner is able to swipe through different modes, change the speed/intensity, create their own vibration setting, as well as send messages through the in-app chat or video function. In addition to all of that very cool tech, the Chorus has a uniquely soft, squeezable remote that responds to pressure. This is great if you’re playing alone or with a partner in the same room. The tighter the user squeezes, the higher the vibration intensity goes! 


We-Vibe Moxie

High tech couldn’t get more adorable than the Moxie. Designed as a panty-vibe, this slender toy has a slip-proof magnet that the wearer can place on the other side of a pair of underwear to make this powerful device into a wearable panty-vibe. A partner can be using the Moxie remotely from across the room (remember: CDC suggests at least 6 feet) or from a different continent with the We-Connect App. Moxie’s sleek design and whisper quiet, yet powerful, vibrations make the toy super discreet and wearable almost anywhere. 


We-Vibe Rave

The We-Vibe Rave was sculpted to perfection with the anatomy of the G-spot in mind. Expert sex-toy architects designed the Rave’s curved and asymmetrical shape to hit the G-spot. The vibrations are more deep and rumbly (versus some vibes that are high-pitched and “buzzy”), and rumbly vibes are often the preferred type of vibration to satisfy the G-spot. Users can utilize the We-Connect App for partnered play, using the toy internally for G-spot stimulation or externally for clitoral play. Paired with a video call, the Rave makes for a pretty epic date night. 


We-Vibe Nova

There are a lot of dual-stim or “rabbit” style sex toys on the market, but none of them work like the Nova does. The arm for external stimulation flexes inward with movement to stay connected with the clitoris at all times (instead of an arm that arches forward over the clitoris/mons and maybe hits the right spot, but probably only grazes it, causing endless frustration). This arm is coupled with a longer internal G-spot vibrator that curves perfectly upward and rumbles (instead of buzzes). Don’t care for internal vibration but love external? The vibration modes allow for one to be turned off while the other happily rumbles along. With the We-Connect App, users can cycle through the 10 preset modes, create their very own custom vibration, or use the “beat mode” to vibrate to music. 


Stay safe and play at a distance!

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