Social Distance Date Nights

Social Distance Date Nights

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If you’re isolating with your partner(s):

  • Learn to cook a new meal together. If you or your partner(s) don’t know how to cook, a lot of meal subscription services are still sending out fresh meal kits with easy-to-understand instructions and pre-portioned ingredients.

  • Have a board game or puzzle night. The Tool Shed has some super fun sexy games if you want a more risque date night.

  • Build a blanket fort. Watch a movie on a laptop or tablet huddled down in your new anti-virus zone.

  • Take a walk, enjoy the fresh air, and move your body. It can be easy to stay glued to the couch when you get an unexpected day off, but this might be an unexpected couple of weeks off. Even though you can’t hit the gym, you should still get some physical activity in each day. What better way than taking a nice stroll with your partner in the deserted streets of your neighborhood? It may feel like a zombie apocalypse, but outdoors (away from people) is one of the safest places to be.

  • Have a dance party. Former Lady Gaga backup dancer and gay icon, Mark Kanemura (@mkik808 on Instagram), has been hosting daily dance parties streamed on Instagram that are super fun, but all you really need is an upbeat playlist and a good attitude.

  • Craft together. Whether it’s intricate lace knitting or gluing glitter to a paper plate, there are lots of crafts to choose from and many are easy to learn on YouTube.

  • Make a Quarantine Valentine for a loved one. Painting and/or drawing is usually doable with supplies you already have.

  • Read a book to one another or listen to an audiobook together. I highly recommend Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski.

  • Bake some treats. Baking is a great way to spend time together and make your home smell amazing. If you don’t need more goodies in your own home, bake something nice for an extrovert who’s getting cabin fever during isolation. Leave baked goods on porches.

  • Try and online workout. Do a YouTube workout or yoga routine together. This is another great way to move your body.

  • Get a jump start on your spring cleaning. Now more than ever surfaces should be cleaned and disinfected. Change your sheets then snuggle up in a nice clean bed.

  • Catch up on your listening library. Share your favorite podcasts with each other.

  • Double date, distance style. Have a virtual double-date with another couple who’s also stuck at home. Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, and Duo are all great platforms to try.

  • Have a spa night. Do face masks, paint each other’s finger and toe nails, give each other massages, and end the night in a hot bath. Consider buying massage oil and bubble bath at The Tool Shed.

  • Share a coloring book. Coloring books were all the rage a few years ago, so you probably have some laying around. Bust them out, get some crayons or colored pencils, and color away. If not, The Tool Shed has some fun adult coloring books (and some really adult adult coloring books) that you can order online.

If you’re isolating away from your partner(s):

  • Go on a virtual date. Video dates can be a lot of fun. Try Skype, FaceTime, Zoom, or Duo. Crack open a bottle of wine and toast to keeping you and the rest of the world safe by staying far away from everyone.

  • Host a Netflix party. It’s like Netflix-and-chill plus a chat room. Watch a movie together while apart.

  • Play online games together. There are literally hundreds of games to choose from online. If your partner is a gamer, they will be overjoyed to show you how you can set one up on your home computer to join them. For the polyamorous folks with multiple partners, consider a multiplayer game platform like

  • Pretend it’s the 1990s and call them on the telephone! I know it’s super weird to use your phone for literally anything but texting and social networking, but it absolutely can be used to call people. You’d be surprised how nice it can be to get a call from a friend or loved one. It’s not just for emergencies, you can just call to hang out!

  • Write and send your partner(s) a physical letter. Get creative and artistic with your love letter! And thank your mail carrier because they have to work through all of this and are probably a bit overloaded at the moment.

  • Give the gift of sexy times. Send your partner a fun toy from The Tool Shed!

Be safe, wash your hands, and stay inside!


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