Sexy 6 Dice Pride Edition
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Sexy 6 Dice Pride Edition

Sexy 6 Dice Pride Edition

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Let the Sexy 6 Pride Edition Dice suggest some hot play possibilities, with 720 possible outcomes to keep variety and spontaneity alive in a relationship.

Feel the anticipation build as each dice is rolled in turn to gradually reveal the formula for fun.

Die 1 (Red): Who takes the lead?
(You, Me, First to Blink, Who Usually Doesn't, or "All the Dice" wildcard symbol)

Die 2 (Orange): Using?
(Blindfold, Dildo or Toy Play, Food Play, Lube Play, Restraints, Paddle or Tickler)

Die 3 (Yellow): Wearing?
(Dress for Roleplay, Perform a Striptease, Choose Their Outfit, Underwear, Remain Clothed, Strip Them Naked)

Die 4 (Green): Start With?
(Talk Dirty, Nipple Play, Kiss Everywhere But..., Please Them With Oral, Grant a Sexy Wish, Hand Pleasure)

Die 5 (Blue): Leads To?
(Face to Face, Side Saddle, Spooning, Spread Eagle, Standing, 69)

Die 6 (Purple): Finish With?
(Doggie Style, Over the Table, Legs-Up Missionary, Rodeo, Reverse Rodeo, Rimming)


This game focused on direct physical/sexual interaction with a partner.

In general, the options in the Sexy 6 Pride Edition are more adventurous (kinkier choices, props, etc.) and more physically demanding (specific positions that require mobility) than the "Sexy 6 Foreplay Edition" dice game. Both of these games are gender neutral, so if you're feeling like this game's choices are not a good fit for you, check out the other edition to see if it may suit you better.

Dice games are relatively simple and don't require a ton of space to play and it is easy to bring with you during travel.  If you're not excited about an option on a particular die in this set, you can always designate it as "roll again" to avoid activities and a partner doesn't find pleasurable.

There are several positions and activities suggested that require varying levels of physical mobility, so those activities may not be accessible to all people.

The "Using" and "Wearing" dice might involve some props, so if you want to be ready for those possibilities you can prepare ahead of time.  That said, you can always choose to leave out those dice, or roll again if a prop is not available.

The body parts and activities suggested on the dice are gender neutral, so these dice can be used by people of any gender or coupling/grouping.

The print on the dice, though small, is contrasted well so it is easier to read than many dice games.  The packaging does not show any people, just images of the multi-colored dice.


(Rated from 1 to 5, where 3 is neutral)

Sexual Adventure Level: 4
(1 is "Very inexperienced," 5 is "Lots of Experience")

Kink Level: 4
(1 is "Kink Newbies," 5 is "Seasoned Kinksters")

Gendered Language: 5

(1 is "Very Binary," 5 is "Gender Fluid")

Racial Inclusivity: 3

(1 is "Only white folks represented on imagery/artwork," 5 is "Racial diversity represented on imagery/artwork")

Sexuality Inclusivity: 5

(1 is "Hetero-centered," 5 is "Queer-inclusive")

Overall Presentation: 3

(1 is "Good, cheap fun," 5 is "Oooh, fancy!")


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