100 Flirty and Dirty Sex Questions
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100 Flirty and Dirty Sex Questions

100 Flirty and Dirty Sex Questions

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100 Flirty & Dirty Sex Questions is an inclusive deck full of titillating, sex-positive questions perfect for lovers and couples of all orientations.

Covering masturbation, sex toys, oral sex, anal play, BDSM, and more, these cards are sure to inspire thought-provoking conversations and new sexual adventures. Use these questions to discover new things about each other, build trust and intimacy, and explore your deepest fantasies.

With a range of flirty and dirty questions (some you may have never thought to ask your partner or yourself), this deck encourages you to communicate, experiment, and explore with an open mind.

Whether you’re in a new or longtime relationship, these cards will keep date night fun and interesting. Keep this in your bedside table, slip a few cards into your pocket on the way out the door, or take the whole deck on a romantic getaway.

Perfect for people of all sexual orientations and gender identities looking to discover new and exciting things while cultivating intimacy and connection. LGBTQIA+ friendly prompts.

With a beautiful, eye-catching design, this deck makes a great gift.


  • Do you believe orgasms are the most important part of sex? Or is it more about the journey?
  • What do you think of temperature play? Would you be open to trying ice cubes or hot wax?
  • What kink or fetish have you always wanted to explore but haven't yet?


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