Reclaiming Pleasure

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Reclaiming Pleasure

Reclaiming Pleasure:
A Sex Positive Guide for Moving Past Sexual Trauma and Living a Passionate Life

by Holly Richmond

If you have experienced sexual abuse, assault, harassment, or rape, you may feel disconnected from your sexual self--even if you've overcome the initial trauma of your experience. You are a survivor; but surviving is just the beginning. This book explores what comes next.

Written by a psychotherapist and grounded in cutting-edge research, Reclaiming Pleasure picks up where other sexual trauma recovery books leave off. It offers practical tools to help you cultivate a sense of safety, security and trust in order to reclaim the vitality, pleasure and great sex you deserve. The book will also serve as your compass on a journey toward the rediscovery of desire, letting you explore what you want from others and for yourself.

This groundbreaking book will help you:

  • Understand the lasting mental, physical, sexual, and relational impacts of sexual trauma
  • Move beyond feelings of shame
  • Reclaim pleasure and reignite passion in your life

Surviving is merely the first step in the process of recovery from sexual trauma. With this sex-positive and empowering guide, you are invited to take your recovery to the next level. You'll feel emboldened by the desire for better sex, healthier relationships, and a more connected, pleasurable life.

9781684038428, paperback

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