Man Cage Model 03 with 4.5" Cage, Clear

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Man Cage Model 03 with 4.5" Cage, Clear

Man Cage chastity cages are manufactured from clear polycarbonate, a very light, durable and hypoallergenic material.

The cage consists of three parts which fit perfectly together-- the main cage, the base ring, and the connector pins unit. The two guidance pins connect the top parts and the oval taper pin connects the rings with the cage. A variety of rings in different sizes and spacer pieces of different lengths will allow you to create the perfect size! A metal lock or plastic tie-wrap lock can easily close the cage. The included tie-wrap locks ensure that they will not trigger the alarm of metal detectors at parties, festivals or even airports.

Hygiene is important while wearing a cage, so the Man Cage is equipped with a variety of vents and a urination opening.

Kit includes cage (4.5" length), four different sized base rings (inner diameters of 1.77", 1.97", 2.17", and 2.36"), connector pin unit, connector pins, spacers, a metal padlock, and 5 plastic tie-wrap locks.

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