Your Whole Body

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Your Whole Body

Your Whole Body:
From Your Head to Your Toes, and Everything in Between!

by Lizzie DeYoung Charbonneau, illustrated by Misha Iver

The Tool Shed offers a variety of books for parents and caregivers who are looking for materials to help them talk to young people about sex, sexuality, and human diversity in a positive, age-appropriate, and healthy manner. Feel free to contact us or to stop by the store to see our selection.

Your Whole Body is an inclusive book for children about the entire body, from head to toes, and everything in between. Your Whole Body helps parents teach their children the names for their genitals in a comfortable and natural way by seamlessly weaving in the explanations and illustrations for private parts as the book explores the body from head to toes.

Your Whole Body is:

  • Complete: it explains, illustrates, and labels all the major body parts including genitals.
  • Diverse and inclusive: the text and illustrations describe and show different appearances and abilities. Additionally, the text does not use gender pronouns when describing genitals.
  • Accurate and age appropriate: experts including pediatricians, child safety experts, gender specialists, and preschool teachers were consulted for this book.

9781955619028, paperback

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