Unihorn Bean Blossom

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Unihorn Bean Blossom

The Unihorn toy series includes three different Unihorn designs (each sold separately) designed to stimulate the clitoris. Each Unihorn features its own unique, specially shaped "mouth," which looks and feels different depending on the Unihorn design you choose. Each Unihorn toy also offers a separately controlled vibration option, for numerous exciting combinations and sensations.

The item you are viewing is the Unihorn Bean Blossom (yellow). The mouth on the Bean Blossom contains a recessed, rounded "tongue" that quickly moves forward and backward inside the mouth, creating an feeling of both tapping and buzzing.  Because the tongue is set back within the mouth on Bean Blossom, the opening can surround the clitoris, which can amplify the feeling of the vibration settings.  The moving tongue motor has 3 continuous speeds and 7 pulse pattern settings, plus you can create more sensations by turning on the separate vibration motor (also with 3 continuous speeds and 7 pulse pattern settings).  One button on the Unihorn controls the mouth and another button other controls the vibration.

You can enjoy the flicking tongue sensations without the vibration if you choose. Or if you just want to feel the vibration and not the tongue, you can turn on just the vibe settings and press the side of the Unihorn to your body for a more subtle and diffuse sensation.

Please note: Even though these toys look similar to certain kinds of air pulsation/"suction" toys, the Unihorns do not offer suction.

Use with water-based lubricant.

Unihorn Bean Blossom is coated in silky-feeling silicone.  Rechargeable. Splashproof.

For different Unihorn sensations, try the Unihorn Heart Throb (pink) or the Unihorn Mount 'N Peak (blue), sold separately.

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