Unclockable Tuck Kit (2 Tucks)
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Unclockable Tuck Kit (2 Tucks)

Unclockable Tuck Kit (2 Tucks)

$14.95 Excl. tax
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2-Tuck kit, available in 3 colors. Invented by a Trans Woman, this Tuck Kit has everything you need for a worry-free, flat, gender-affirming tuck! Read more.

Product description

The Unclockable Tuck Kit is hygienic trans personal care, invented by a Trans Woman!

With The Unclockable Tuck Kit, stay securely & comfortably tucked flat for up to ten hours. Swim-proof, gym-proof, life-proof. Each single-use strip is designed for incredible comfort with a strong-but-gentle hold, and easy removal for as many as two bathroom breaks per wear.

Painlessly Stay Confidently Tucked
Tuck Kit has everything you need for a worry-free, flat, gender-affirming tuck that you can wear undetectably under anything (even swimwear or lingerie). No need for bulky gaff panties or tight compression underwear. Whether you buzz your hair down there, or shave— the Tuck Kit is designed to give you a pain-free tuck and untuck experience.

Swim-Proof & Gym-Proof Tuck
One strip is all you need to stay tucked: even during swim, yoga, weightlifting, or squats! Waterproof for up to 4 hours.

Latex-Free & Hypoallergenic
The Tuck Kit's specially formulated adhesive is gentle and latex-free.

Flat Non-Stick Sanitary Pad is Reusable After Bathroom Breaks
Unlike gauze, the Tuck Kit's non-stick sanitary pad ensures flat re-application after using the restroom up to 2 times per wear before replacing. Just partially pull down from the back, and then press to reapply once you've done your thing.

Hygienic Tuck
The Tuck Kit is produced an FDA-registered facility. This ensures that every individually packaged single-use T-Tape strip is sterile and sanitary. Each Kit comes with cotton non-stick pads, and an illustrated how-to guide.

Breathable Comfort That Lasts Hours
Breathable, sustainably sourced natural fibers of cotton and rayon in a moisture-wicking knit keep you dry and comfortable. Contours to your body, and then stays for up to 10 hours.

Kind to Your Skin: Gentle But Strong Hold
Unclockable invented the Tuck Kit to give superior comfort with a long lasting tuck. They achieve this through a proprietary blend of natural fibers and specially formulated acrylic adhesive that's gentle on skin while still keeping you tucked comfortably.

Easy, One-Size Fitting
Because of its patent-pending taper and contour, Tuck Kit can be applied lower or higher on the front of the body to ensure a perfect fit. Happy Tuck Kit customers range from 120 lbs (54 kg) to 300 lbs (136 kg), and everywhere in between.

Product Measurements: 7.5 inches wide by 11.5 inches long; stretches 180% in length to 21 inches. All models shown in photos are non-op.

Available in 3 tones: beige (lightest tone), espresso (middle tone), and cocoa (darkest tone)

This option contains 2 Tuck Kits per package.  We also offer a 7 Tuck Kit option!


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