Bathmate Hydroxtreme 11 Pump, Clear

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The Bathmate HydroXtreme 11 is the largest pump currently available in the Bathmate line, designed for a user whose erect penis length is longer than 9 inches. Designed for use in the shower or bath.

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Bathmate Hydroxtreme 11 Pump, Clear

The Bathmate HydroXtreme 11 is the third generation from the original Bathmate Hercules Hydromax-- providing about 35% more suction than the original, and adding an extra level of function through an additional handball pump adjustment function.

Penis pumps can be used to temporarily increase the size or firmness of erection, as well as being a drug-free aid in achieving erection for those with erectile difficulties.

Because they utilize warm water instead of air, many people find Bathmate Hydropumps to be a more comfortable and effective pumping option. Using warm water in the pump helps increase circulation and tissue elasticity during the pumping process.

Also, due to the design of these water pumps, users are less likely to “overpump” with Bathmate pumps, keeping the vaccuum pressure at a lower and healthier level.

The way it works: Simply fill the HydroXtreme 11 with warm water while in the shower or bathtub. (Whether you are taking a bath or a shower, give yourself 5 minutes to warm up under the water. This helps to heat your body and get the blood circulating.) Once HydroXtreme is full of water, insert your penis into the HydroXtreme taking care not to spill too much water. Pull the HydroXtreme towards your body to create a tight seal (this may take some practice).

Pull the HydroXtreme towards your body, to expel water from the top of the vessel. As you pump you will feel the suction increase and your penis will be sucked further up into the pump. The HydroXtreme is designed to slowly release pressure to avoid over suction damage. As the pressure decreases, you can re-pump to re-generate the suction. When done with your session, release the suction that has been created by pressing the release valve in towards the pump.

Alternatively, you can use the handball pump to the end of the HydroXtreme 11 vessel to create the maximum safe negative pressure inside the vessel.  This is a design change from the HydroMax-- you don't need to compress the vessel against the pubic bone to create suction.  As you pump you will feel the suction increase and your penis will be sucked further up into the pump. The Hydroextreme 11 is designed to slowly release pressure to avoid over-suction damage.

The HydroXtreme 11 includes the pump plus some great accessories: carrying case, measuring gauge, cleaning sponge, handball, comfort insert pad, hose attachment, pleasure lube, security lock, shower strap, and wash towel

Available in clear.

Specifications for HydroXtreme 11 (allowing for penis size gains) when fully compressed:
Maximum erect length: 9-11 inches
Maximum erect penis circumference: up to 8.5 inches (girth as measured around the middle of the shaft)

How to measure your penis:

Measure your erect penis with a ruler pressed lightly onto your pubic bone. You'll find a ruler is easier than a tape measure.

Record the measurement from the pubic bone right up to the tip of your penis.

Measure the circumference of your erect penis around the middle of your shaft

You'll find a tailors tape measure is easiest, but a piece of string wrapped round and then measured against a ruler after will do.

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