Three Dads and a Baby
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Three Dads and a Baby

Three Dads and a Baby

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Three Dads and a Baby:
Adventures in Modern Parenting

by Ian Jenkins

As a closeted teen, Ian wondered if he would ever be able to live openly with a male partner. Years later, he had not one but two partners in a polyamorous throuple—what more could he ask for? But something was still missing...

Join Ian and his partners, Alan and Jeremy, as they embark on a sometimes hilarious, sometimes tearful quest to become parents. They run the gauntlet: IVF failures, the threat of Zika virus, the urgent hunt for a new doctor, pregnancy-threatening bleeds, costly legal battles and a reluctant superior court judge.

Ultimately the grace of women—embryo donors, their egg donor, their surrogate, even a surprise milk donor—allow them to complete their family with one perfect girl, and become the first polyamorous family ever named as the legal parents of a child.

9781627783101, paperback


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