Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids

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Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids

Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids
A Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy, Informed, Empowered Young People

by Melissa P. Carnagey

The Tool Shed offers a variety of books for parents who are looking for quality references and guides to help them talk to their children about sex, sexuality, and gender identity in a positive, age-appropriate, and healthy manner. Feel free to contact us or to stop by the store to see our selection.

Sex Positive Talks to Have With Kids is a comprehensive guide that helps caregivers create the kind of bond that keeps kids safer, informed, and empowered in their sexual health.

Melissa Carnagey, renowned sexuality educator for youth and families, walks you through over 150 conversation starters, reflection exercises, and activities you can begin implementing at every age and stage on topics such as: bodies, feelings, safe and unsafe touch, consent, relationships, menstruation, pleasure, online porn, gender, sex, and more. This book is perfect for any parent or caregiver that’s ready to normalize the talks and become the trusted adult we all need growing up!

9781087951683, paperback

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