FAQ: What's Happening at the Tool Shed During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding Tool Shed services during the COVID-19 pandemic
May 18, 2023 UPDATE

1. How can I get items from the Tool Shed during this time?

Shipped to your door
The Tool Shed is currently shipping products to our customers via US Postal Service. You may order products on our web site and have them shipped to you. Shipping is free for order totals of $75 or more.

Local Contactless Pickup Outside Our Store
We are also offering contactless local order pickups. Pickup service is available Monday-Saturday, noon-8pm, and Sunday from noon-5pm.  Pickup is only available for pre-paid orders placed in advance online. See full pickup details in question #4 below.

In-Person Shopping

We are open for in-person shopping.

Masks are optional when shopping in our store.  We continue to have face masks available for customers who do not have their own.

Bear in mind that if you are not vaccinated and boosted, your risk for disease or death is far greater than if you are vaccinated and boosted.  We recommend that unvaccinated and other high-risk shoppers wear a high quality, well-fitted N95 or KN95 mask over both nose and mouth while inside our store when COVID metrics reach the medium or high ranges.

We will continue to monitor COVID trends and will return to mask requirements and other mitigation factors if risk levels go up in our community.

We have implemented the following to increase staff and customer safety:

  • Adding a HEPA air filtration system to our storefront, which filters the air in our space 5 times per hour,
  • A fully vaccinated and boosted staff
  • Increased cleaning and sanitation procedures
  • Face masks available for customers who do not have their own and would like to mask up while inside our store
  • Hand sanitizer available upon entry
  • Contactless pickup order option

2. If I have an order shipped, how long will it take to get my order?

For many local customers, your order will often arrive the next day. For folks in other parts of the country, shipping may take 2-4 days, depending on your location.

When your order will ship depends on how early in the day it is placed.  Orders placed before noon central time will usually ship out the same day.  We ship orders Monday-Saturday, but not on Sundays.

You will receive a separate email from or from with your tracking number and estimated date of arrival.  Please check your spam folder or your promotions folder if you do not see your tracking number after your order has shipped.

3. Is your shipping discreet?

Packages will be discreet and will come in either a plain brown box or a U.S. Postal Service-issued box. The return address on the postal label will say "TTS SHIPPING DEPT" and our street address; the store name will not appear on the outside of the box.  There is no indication on the outside of the box as to what you have ordered.

4. Can I pick up my order at your location?

Our local customers will have the option of picking up their online orders outside our Milwaukee location at a designated pickup table.  This minimizes in-store crowding and wait times.

Pickup service is available Monday-Saturday, noon-8pm, and Sunday from noon-5pm. Pickup is only available for pre-paid orders placed in advance online.  If you wish to make a cash sale, please use the in-store shopping option.

To use order pickup:

  • Place your order at and choose "order pickup" at checkout (you still need to enter your credit card's billing address to see the pickup option).
  • Wait til you receive a follow-up email that says your items are ready for pickup (check your "promotions" and spam folders for this email).
  • Call us when you arrive. Our number is 414-906-5304 (press "0" to skip the message and talk to a human).
  • Give us your last name and order number over the phone to verify the order.
  • We'll bring your order to the designated table in front of our store.

If you are unable to leave your car to pick up your order from the pickup table, please let us know so that we may bring your order to your car.

5. I’m trying to place an order on your web site, but there was an error that said the payment didn’t go through. What’s going on?

Most of the time when someone gets a payment error, it is because they have entered incorrect information into the billing address field during the checkout process. To fix the address issues so your payment can successfully be processed, follow instructions below.

Return to the first step in the checkout process, where you enter address information. This may mean logging out of your session and starting again, or clearing your cart and starting over.

Once you are back to the start of the checkout process, the first/default address entry in our system is your BILLING address (the address that your credit card company has on record). If you want to ship to somewhere other than your billing address, you may choose a different "ship to" address during the checkout process. There should be a button you can select if you want to enter a different shipping address.

If the error persists even after correcting any address issues, then there may be a different reason for the payment decline, such as insufficient funds or other issues.

6. I am trying to place an order on my phone, but I'm not seeing a payment option.  Help!

If possible, try to change the browser you are using to view our site.  For example, if you are using Chrome, try Firefox or Safari instead.  If this fails, try placing an order from a different device.  If you are still having trouble, contact us and we can find another way to help!

7. What extra steps are you taking during this time to keep customers and staff safe?

In order to keep our staff and customers as safe as possible, we are following current CDC risk level metrics for determining mask wearing and other mitigation options such as physical distancing and capacity limits. 

In addition to monitoring and responding to our local community risk levels, we have created permanent changes to our space with a HEPA air filtration system in our storefront, which filters the air in our space 5 times per hour.

We offer masks and hand washing/hand sanitizer to customers on entry.

Hand washing and proper hygiene practices are in in use when prepping and packing products.


The coronavirus pandemic is fluid and changing. We are working around the unique challenges of our space and the kind of work we do, and the needs of our employees and customers.

We will continue to update our web page and social media as additional details become available.

Thank you for your patience and understanding during this challenging time.  We hope you and your loved ones are well!

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