Saalt Disc Duo
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Saalt Disc Duo

Saalt Disc Duo

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The Saalt disc is designed to be a comfortable, reusable menstrual disc that is easy to insert and remove. Because the Saalt disc doesn’t rely on suction to seal and positions behind your pubic bone, it’s ideal for those with bladder sensitivities, a weak pelvic floor, or a low or high cervix (see size recommendations below). It is also compatible for folks who have an IUD. Includes a finger notch that makes removal a breeze.

The Saalt Disc is a soft, reusable silicone disc that collects your flow (small size will collect up to 4 tampons worth!) without relying on suction to stay in place. High capacity, sustainable, simple to use-- and you can wear it during sex. Wear for up to 12 hours, day or night. The Saalt disc doesn't interfere with your natural pH.

One Saalt disc is designed to last for 10 years, saving over 3,000 disposables like pads and tampons from the landfill.

The packaging for your Salt disc is plastic-free and recyclable. Production is cruelty-free, ethically sourced, and sustainably sourced.

This product is the Duo pack, which contains one Small-sized Saalt disc and one Regular-sized Saalt disc.  It is a great option if you're not sure which disc will work best for you, or if your cervix height varies through your cycle. It also includes a carrying bag for each disc.

Saalt Disc Size Small Specs:
56 mm in diameter
For light or normal flow
3-4 tampon capacity
30 mL volume

Small Size Recommended For:
Light flow
Low cervix
Teens or young adults

Saalt Disc Size Regular Specs:
66 mm in diameter
Normal or heavy flow
5-6 tampon capacity
50 mL volume

Regular Size Recommended For:
New disc user
High cervix
Trouble keeping menstrual cups inserted

Also available in individual small size or regular size options. (These items are sold separately.)


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Saalt Disc Duo
Saalt Disc Duo
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