Prostate Plush Toy

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Prostate Plush Toy

Snuggle up to this adorable prostate plush toy from I Heart Guts.  Comes with an attached informational brochure with facts about the prostate-- cute, cuddly, and educational!  This soft, stuffed push toy is approximately 8.5" wide x 7" tall x 5" deep.

The prostate's most important function is the production of a fluid that, together with sperm cells from the testicles and fluids from other glands, makes up semen. The muscles of the prostate also ensure that the semen is forcefully pressed into the urethra and then expelled outwards during ejaculation.

Urine also passes through your prostate via the urethra. This is why prostate disease is often detected following urination and ejaculation problems.

Can you live without a prostate? Yes you can! If cancer or other disease/trauma claims your prostate, your surgeon may recommend prostatectomy or partial prostatectomy. It may take some time (months or years) after prostate removal or treatment to regain sexual function; discuss the details with your doctor.

Prostate screening is important for prostate owners over the age of 55, according to the American Urologic Association. Be sure to talk to your health care provider about regular prostate exams.

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