Mystim Cluster Buster

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Looking for a TENS unit that offers an incredible amount of variations without the hassle of tons of wires connected to the controller box? Mystim's Cluster Buster delivers!

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Mystim Cluster Buster

The Mystim Cluster Buster is certainly splendid: It can pamper or torture you with ten intensity levels, just the way you want. The twelve additional sensuous stimulation programs and five training programs (e.g. for the pelvic floor) definitely leave little to be desired.

But the best part is that each Cluster Buster remote control has eight channels… which means that it can simultaneously control up to eight different programs, intensities and "treatment periods," without cables.

And, even more thrillingly, you can select as many receivers as you want within these eight channels. The toys are controlled via the "Sultry Sub" receivers, which are labeled for each of the eight channels.  A Sultry Sub receiver for Channel One in included with the Cluster Buster.  Additional Sultry Subs (channels 1 through 8) can be purchased as needed.  Just imagine the fun combos!

How does this look in action?  Imagine you have 2 Mystim e-stim toys you'd like to use simultaneously, using different patterns on each.  Toy number one would be plugged into Sultry Sub One (the receiver set to Channel One), which would then be controlled wirelessly from the Cluster Buster via Channel One.  Toy number two would be plugged into Sultry Sub Two (the receiver set to Channel Two), which would then be controlled wirelessly from the Cluster Buster via Channel Two.

And remember, you can control as many toys as you like within each channel-- as long as a toy is connected to a Sultry Sub One, for example, it can be controlled via Channel One of the Cluster Buster.

The Mystim Cluster Buster package comes with:
1 Mystim Cluster Buster (remote control)
1 Mystim Sultry Sub (receiver)
1 cable
1 bipolar self-adhesive electrode
1 double USB charging cable (both the Cluster Buster & Sultry Sub are rechargeable)
1 operating instructions
1 elegant box
1 year warranty

Frequency: 5 - 70 Hz; Intensity: 0 - 70 mA
Dimensions of Cluster Buster (l) 5" x (w) 2.2" x (h) 0.85"
Dimensions of Sultry Sub (diameter) 2.36" x (h) 0.89"
Weight of Cluster Buster 3.6 oz
Weight of Sultry Sub 1.1 oz
Battery: Lithium Polymer Ion, 3.7 V / 260 mAh
Certified according with CE

Product information:
8 channels
10 intensity levels
12 stimulation programs
5 training programs (e.g. for the pelvic floor)
Intensity, pulse width and pulse rate are arbitrary for the user. The device can be preset and the switches can be locked. Extra large display for a readability. Simultaneous control of an unlimited number of toys.

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