Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health, 3rd Edition
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Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health, 3rd Edition

Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health, 3rd Edition

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Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health, 3rd Edition:
Answers to questions about prostate enlargement, inflammation and cancer

by Derek J. Lomas and Paras H. Shah

Prostate problems are among the most common reasons men see their doctors. That’s because with age most men experience some type of prostate problem — enlargement, inflammation or cancer. Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health, 3rd Edition is an easy-to-read yet comprehensive guide to preventing, understanding, treating and living with prostate disease. Advances in research, an explosion in sophisticated imaging technology and new medical procedures have allowed for earlier diagnosis of prostate disease and more personalized treatment.

Prostate disease, including prostate cancer, often can be easily treated and even prevented. Mayo Clinic on Prostate Health, 3rd Edition, is an essential resource for every man. It explains how to maintain better prostate health, and how to evaluate treatment options when disease occurs. Prostate concerns often start out with changes in patterns of urination, difficulty with sexual function, or worry over hormone levels. Fortunately, the outlook for management, cure and survival of prostate disease is better now than ever before.

The experts at Mayo Clinic can help the reader evaluate treatment options, cope with cancer and treatment side effects, and discover ways to improve quality of life. The topics covered include: the debate over PSA testing; latest imaging technology; full range of treatment options for prostatitis and BPH; new advances in treatment of prostate cancer; what’s happening in research, and managing treatment side effects, including incontinence and impotence.

9781945564093, paperback


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