M Boldened

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M Boldened

M Boldened:
Menopause Conversations We All Need to Have

Edited by Caroline Harris

It’s time to change the global menopause conversation. Let’s stop talking just in terms of the stereotyped sweaty, hot-flush beleaguered female, the infertile crone, or the wise woman—the reality of the menopause experience is so diverse and deserves to be heard. M-Boldened: Menopause Conversations We All Need to Have is a book about menopause unlike any other. Its contributors, speaking from many different walks of life, open up the conversation in new and profound ways for people across the globe. Recognizing menopause as a human rights issue that affects everyone everywhere, these 21 chapters cover an astounding range of perspectives, from harrowing experiences of surgical menopause, the impact on relationships and hormonal realities of transitioning, to revelations of shocking neglect in the UK criminal justice system and compelling chapters on menopause as a time of activism, rage, reawakening, transformation, and realizing your own power. The honesty, intimacy, and passion shared in these pages will make you see menopause in a whole new light. Each chapter shapes a much-needed courageous conversation about how we can and should view menopause and midlife. Read on to be part of the new conversation.

9780750994064, hardcover

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