Avana Personal Protection Mask, Small Size
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Avana Personal Protection Mask, Small Size

Avana Personal Protection Mask, Small Size

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Help protect others in your community by wearing a mask! This is the mask that many of our Tool Shed staff regularly wears. It gives excellent coverage, and the sliding beads on the elastic straps help with adjustment and comfortable placement. Read more.

Product description

The Avana Protective Face Mask in ComPel® fabric can act as a second level of defense for those practicing social distancing during the coronavirus crisis. With its innovative contoured design, the Avana Protective Face Mask adapts to the topography of your face, giving you full coverage of critically exposed areas such as your nose and mouth while wrapping under your chin. Constructed with non-wicking fabrics, this mask is helpful in preventing droplets from the wearers’ mouth from entering the air.

The Avana Protective Face Mask is equipped with an internal 3-stage filtering system. The first filtration barrier uses ComPel® a synthetic patented microfilament calendared fabric that repels liquids and is also breathable. It meets AAMI PB70:2003; a standard for liquid barrier performance used in level-two healthcare PPE. The second filtration barrier of medical-grade polypropylene is completely breathable and provides moisture & bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) to 99.5% in accordance with ASTM F2101-07 for medical face masks. The third barrier is 100% cotton that functions as a soft-liner medium that helps to reduce pressure points and skin irritation during long-term wear.

The Avana Protective Face Mask features adjustable elastic ear loops, a flexible wire nose piece for a tight anti-fog seal of eyewear, and external ID points for personalization. The sophisticated construction makes these face masks breathable, washable, reusable, and protective; its use of lightweight fabrics makes it perfect for long-term wear.

Note: Avana Masks are not certified as N95 masks and are not intended to replace the N95. Fabric color may vary slightly based on availability.

This size is slightly smaller than the regular-sized Avana mask-- it is appropriate for adults with smaller faces, or for kids.


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Avana Personal Protection Mask, Small Size
Avana Personal Protection Mask, Small Size
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