LA Pump Clitoral Enlargement Cylinder in 4 Sizes
This quality clitoris cylinder (available in 4 diameter sizes) is designed to be used for pumping the clitoris with a hand pump (sold separately). Pumping draws blood flow into the clitoris and can enhance sensitivity and temporarily increase size.
Performance 9 inch Penis Pump Cylinder
Available in 1.75 inch, 2 inch, or 2.25 inch diameter cylinder. All cylinders are 9 inches long. Pump not included.
Advanced Genital Pumping Cylinder for Trans Men, 5 inch length
This high-quality cylinder (available in 2 diameter sizes) is designed to be used for pumping the trans-male genitalia with a hand pump (sold separately).
LA Pump Deluxe Penis Pump Cylinders in 7 Sizes
These individual penis cylinders are designed for use with a hand pump (sold separately). They are made in the USA by LA Pump out of diamond cut, flame polished industrial grade clear acrylic. The cylinder has the same inner diameter throughout the length
LA Pump Nipple Cylinders in 4 Sizes
Sold in pairs, these nipple enlargement cylinders are designed to temporarily increase the size of your nipples while at the same time increasing sensitivity by drawing more blood to the area.
MaxTwist Nipple Suckers
These simple and powerful nipple suckers are perfect for anyone looking for some consistent, strong suction. Place the base of the sucker firmly against the nipple to create a seal, and then twist the easy-grip control cap to create immediate suction. Enj
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