Private Consultation

February 2022 update:
YES, we ARE available for online (Zoom) and phone consultation sessions!  We are NOT doing in-person private consultations at this time.

Sometimes you've got a question or a pressing issue that requires a bit more time and focus than our staff can provide during busy store hours.

Maybe you've been dealing with some life changes
 that have affected your sexual wellness or relationship status, and you'd like to talk one-on-one with a sexuality educator about strategies for approaching those issues. Or, perhaps you'd just like like some private, expertly-guided and focused shopping time, by yourself or with a partner.

The Tool Shed's Private Consultation service is
 designed to help meet these unique needs. Appointments are available with our experienced sexuality educators, each of whom has expertise on a variety of topics around sexual pleasure, sexual wellness, and healthy relationships.

Consultation sessions are designed around your
 specific situation and any questions you may have.
 The following list is just a sample of possible topics 
we could discuss during a Private Consultation.

  • Sex toys & lubricants: use, selection, care, & safety
  • Tips on a specific kind of play (anal, g-spot,
 prostate, strap-ons, etc.)
  • Tips for safely navigating/negotiating kinky play
  • Gender expression gear (packers, binders, breast forms): use, selection, care, & safety
  • Safer sex supplies: use, selection, care, & safety
  • Alternative menstrual products: use, care, & safety
  • Communicating sexual desires with a partner
  • Sex & menopause
  • Sex & aging
  • Sex & cancer
  • Sex & erectile issues
  • Sex & chronic pain
  • Sex & pregnancy/childbirth
  • Fertility basics/how to track your fertility
  • Vulvovaginal wellness
  • Consent & communication
  • Open relationships: learning about different
 approaches to ethical non-monogamy
  • Open relationships: strategies for dealing with challenges like jealousy & time management

What happens in a Consultation session
Private Consultation sessions are scheduled in a 60-minute meeting format. Sessions can be done in person or via phone/internet if that is more convenient.

The office location for in-person sessions requires walking up a flight of stairs (our building unfortunately does not have an elevator). If you are unable to walk up stairs but still prefer an in-person meeting, please let us know and we can arrange for a meeting in a location on the ground floor.

Sessions are focused on talking and education. These are not "hands-on" sessions; there is no physical
 contact between the consultant and the client.

Please bear in mind that while our staff are trained as sexuality educators and have thousands of hours of experience speaking to people from all walks of life about sexual issues, we are not medical providers or licensed therapists. Our Private Consultation service should not be used to replace consultation with or treatment by a medical or mental health professional if and when such treatment is needed.

Private Consultation rates and payment
The cost of a 60-minute Private Consultation session is $60. Payment must be made in advance of the
session. Limited flexible rate slots are available for those with financial need.

How to schedule a Private Consultation
To find out if Private Consultation may be right for you, please contact us via email at:
consult at (formatted as an email address).  Or inquire about Private Consultation in person the next time you visit our store.

We will provide you with a short form to complete, along with information about our consultants.

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