Introduction to Transgender Studies
This is the first introductory textbook intended for transgender/trans studies at the undergraduate level. The book can also be used for related courses in LGBTQ, queer, and gender/feminist studies.
Clinician's Guide to Gender-Affirming Care, A
This comprehensive resource outlines the latest research and recommendations to provide you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and awareness to treat TNGC clients with competent and affirming care.
Trans People in Higher Education
Genny Beemyn brings together personal narratives and original research to give readers both individual and large-scale perspectives, which provide unprecedented insight into the experiences of trans people in higher education.
Transgender Intimate Partner Violence
In Transgender Intimate Partner Violence, a diverse group of scholars, service providers, activists, and others to examine this widespread problem, shedding light on the often-hidden experiences of transgender survivors.
Brown Trans Figurations
One of the first books focused solely on the trans Latinx experience, Brown Trans Figurations describes how transness and brownness interact within queer, trans, and Latinx historical narratives and material contexts.
Original Plumbing: The Best of 10 Years
In conjunction with the magazine's ten-year anniversary, this essential collection compiles the best of OP's twenty-issue run. Selections are reprinted in full color, with an introduction by activist Tiq Milan and a new preface by the founding editors.
Counseling Transgender and Non-Binary Youth
An informed guide to supporting and working with transgender and non-binary youth. Topics of discussion include gender identity, sexuality, transitioning and mental health. Additional resources and suggested reading lists make this an essential reference
Person-Centred Counselling for Trans and Gender Diverse People
This person-centered, affirmative approach is based around unlearning assumptions about gender and destabilizing professionals' ideas of 'knowing better' than, and judging the client, so that they can forge a relationship and connection that is on an equa
Trans Kids
Drawing from sociology, philosophy, psychology, and sexuality studies, sociologist Tey Meadow depicts the intricate social processes that shape gender acquisition.
Mindful Masculinity Workbook, The
The Mindful Masculinity Workbook: A Practical Guide To Healthier Masculinity provides an intensive and immersive step-by-step self-guided, solution-oriented tool bag for all men.
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