How To Understand Your Gender
Have you ever questioned your own gender identity? Do you know somebody who is transgender or who identifies as non-binary? Do you ever feel confused when people talk about gender diversity?
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know about Trans
A trans 101 book that walks readers through hot button issues relating to the transgender community.
Reflective Workbook for Partners of Transgender People
Uniquely addressing the needs of partners of transgender people, this self-help workbook supports the journey partners navigate as their partner transitions or questions their gender.
Trans Allyship Workbook
This is a workbook to help you build your understanding of trans communities and develop concrete skills for supporting trans people in your life, with over 100 pages of explanation, activities, illustrations and reflections.
Quick and Easy Guide to Queer & Trans Identities, A
A great starting point for anyone curious about queer and trans life, and helpful for those already on their own journeys!
Transforming Manhood
Transforming Manhood chronicles Sallans's everyday struggles to transition into being a better husband, son, and man.
Where's the Mother?
This memoir is a book about being a breastfeeding parent and a transgender man, and the many beautiful, moving, and difficult ways these two identities collide. It reminds us that birth is a fundamental process that lies outside simplistic definitions and
Happier as a Woman
Happier as a Woman is a story about relationships-- those Martina fostered with herself, those that were hurt, those that were saved, and those that would not have existed if not for her desire to be a mentor, to be the change.
The powerful first-person narratives of this collection show us a world where gender exists along a spectrum, a web, a multidimensional space.
Introduction to Transgender Studies
This is the first introductory textbook intended for transgender/trans studies at the undergraduate level. The book can also be used for related courses in LGBTQ, queer, and gender/feminist studies.
Autobiography of a Transgender Scientist, The
A leading scientist describes his life, his gender transition, his scientific work, and his advocacy for gender equality in science.
Trans+: Love, Sex, Romance, and Being You is an all-inclusive, uncensored guide for teens who are transgender, nonbinary, gender-nonconforming, or gender-fluid.
In Trans*, Jack Halberstam explores these recent shifts in the meaning of the gendered body and representation, and explores the possibilities of a nongendered, gender-optional, or gender-queer future.
Year Without A Name, A
From "an extraordinary new voice," a "passionate and clear-eyed and unputdownable" meditation on queerness, family, and desire. (Mary Karr)
Becoming Eve
Powerful in the truths it reveals about biology, culture, faith, and identity, Becoming Eve poses the enduring question: How far will you go to become the person you were meant to be?
An unflinching and endearing memoir from LGBTQ+ advocate Jackson Bird about how, through a childhood of gender mishaps and an awkward adolescence, he finally sorted things out and came out as a transgender man in his mid-twenties.
What We Will Become
A mother’s memoir of her transgender child’s odyssey, and her journey outside the boundaries of the faith and culture that shaped her.
By introducing transgender issues and language and providing stories of both biblical characters and real-life narratives from transgender Christians living today, Hartke helps readers visualize a more inclusive Christianity.
Clinician's Guide to Gender-Affirming Care, A
This comprehensive resource outlines the latest research and recommendations to provide you with the requisite knowledge, skills, and awareness to treat TNGC clients with competent and affirming care.
Supporting Transgender and Non-Binary People with Disabilities or Illnesses
By drawing on the experience of trans people who are affected by physical disability, chronic illness and mental illness, this book provides best practice in approaches to health and care policy.
Gender Diversity and Non-Binary Inclusion in the Workplace
Helping to create inclusive work environments for non-binary people, this book builds knowledge of non-binary identities and provides practical solutions to many of the basic workplace problems this group faces.
Person-Centred Counselling for Trans and Gender Diverse People
This person-centered, affirmative approach is based around unlearning assumptions about gender and destabilizing professionals' ideas of 'knowing better' than, and judging the client, so that they can forge a relationship and connection that is on an equa
Drawing on interviews and written accounts from transgender survivors of intimate partner violence, this book sheds much-needed light on the dynamics of abuse that entrap trans partners in violent relationships.
Supporting Transgender Autistic Youth and Adults
Providing advice on how professionals working with autistic trans youth and adults can tailor their practice to best serve their clients and how parents can support their trans autistic children.
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