Cultivating Connection

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Cultivating Connection

Cultivating Connection: A Practical Guide for Personal and Relationship Growth in Ethical Non-monogamy

by Sander T. Jones

Do you want to feel confident that your boundaries, or a partner's, are healthy and ethical? Cultivating Connection teaches four simple questions so that you can know when to defend your boundaries and when to look inward and do your own growth work. This book makes explicit the interconnections between ethics, boundaries, interpersonal power, and individual human rights.

Cultivating Connection also teaches how to come back together and work as a team to resolve conflicts in a compassionate and collaborative way with easy to understand techniques, relatable real life examples, and tons of practical advice.

Written in everyday language, by an experienced therapist, this book is affirming and inclusive of BIPOC, LGBTQ+ readers, readers engaging in power dynamics, and is written specifically for people practicing ethical non-monogamy. Cultivating Connection will absolutely change the way you and your partners communicate, problem-solve, and repair your relationships.

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