My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set with Remote (Battery Operated)
This remote-controlled vibrating panty set is a popular toy for couples who like to enjoy a mischievous night on the town! The 10-function bullet fits comfortably into the lace panty (included), and the remote control is disguised as an ordinary finger ri
We-Vibe Moxie+
This panty vibe is small, comfortable, and whisper quiet-- it stays in place with a magnetic clip so you can wear them inside your favorite panties.
Premium Ergonomic Vibrating Panty Set
The My Secret Screaming O Premium Ergonomic Panty Vibe features a 20-function, contoured, flexible vibe that slips into an included pair of lace panties. The panties are a side-tie G-string style, designed to fit up to 60-inch waists.
Silicone Remote Rechargeable Curve Bullet
The bullet has 12 vibration, pulsation and escalation functions that can be be controlled by a remote control from across the room (or across the table at dinnertime). Just place the bullet in your lover’s panties for some discreet fun on the town, and it
Bam Rechargeable Bullet
The Bam rechargeable bullet packs a powerful vibe at an affordable price. Bam has 10 supercharged vibration modes, yet runs quietly.
RO-80mm 7-Speed Color Me Orgasmic Bullet
Rocks Off RO-80mm comes in a 7-speed option, giving you even more options for fun and stimulation. If you have a toy from Rocks Off like the Hand Solo, Rude Boy, Naughty Boy, or Bad Boy, this bullet will work as a replacement if your old one has stopped v
Vooom Soft-Touch 3-Speed Bullet
Soft-Touch Vooom Bullets combine a compact shape, 4-function motor, and soft coating with a one-of-a-kind low-frequency motor for sensations unlike your typical battery-operated mini bullet.
Ultra Bullet
The Ultra Bullet is a powerful, quiet, somewhat flexible small vibe made with silicone (inside and out-- they do not use hard plastic in the design). The Ultra Bullet has a single button that turns it on, and controls twenty vibration modes.
Crave Vesper Necklace Vibrator, Stainless Steel
At the intersection of elegance and delight, Vesper is both a gorgeous piece of jewelry and a strong slim vibrator. Designed for beautiful experiences, the Vesper is a playful and sophisticated way to take your pleasure.
Jumpin Gyrator Rocket
For those who love the throbby feel of the Hummer or other gyrator-style vibes, comes the Jumpin Gyrator Rocket. This is a super-powerful bullet that practically jumps out of your hand when you dial up the intensity.
FingO Tips Finger Vibe
So tiny, so cute! FingO Tips micro vibes literally put pleasure at your fingertips with a comfortable strap to keep it in place! FingO Tips are discreet and disposable and the perfect teeny tiny sex toy for couples of all kinds!
OhMIBod Esca2 with Kiiroo
Esca2 is a versatile wearable massager that is Bluetooth-enabled for app-controlled play-- engage with your partner from across the room or across the world! Connects with other KIIROO products, or with online erotic content.
Charged Positive
Enjoy powerful, positive vibes with Charged Positive, a waterproof rechargeable massager with a unique low-pitch motor and a cleverly-designed optional finger cradle. Charged Positive is equipped with 20 functions of deep, rumbling vibration.
Crave Bullet Stainless Steel
Sleek, sturdy, powerful and universal. The stainless-steel, waterproof and rechargeable Crave Bullet provides an upgrade from the existing disposable plastic bullet. Its super quiet and strong motor can be used alone or with other products that utilize a
LingO Tongue Vibe
The Screaming O LingO brings extra excitement to any bedroom by adding a vibrating tongue twist to oral action. The Ling O vibrating tongue ring is designed to fit any size or shape tongue. LingO is designed to stay in place with under-tongue snug knobs,
Charged Vooom Bullet
Enjoy powerful portable vibration with Charged Vooom. Unlike traditional buzzy-feeling bullets, the Vooom Bullet rumbles deep for a dramatically different sensation that can be enjoyed almost anywhere!
Vooom Single-Speed Bullet
The Screaming O Vooom! Bullet takes the familiar classic bullet design and gives it a true makeover-- on the inside. Equipped with a one-of-a-kind low-frequency motor, the Vooom! offers sensations unlike other bullets on the market.
Charged FingO
Put pleasure at your fingertips with the Charged FingO, a mini vibe that sits comfortably on your finger! Simply stretch the convenient loop around your finger to keep the vibe securely in place during any intimate act.
RO-80mm 7-Speed Bullet, Rainbow
Rocks Off RO-80mm comes in a 7-speed option, giving you even more options for fun and stimulation. If you have a toy from Rocks Off like the Hand Solo, Rude Boy, Naughty Boy, or Bad Boy, this bullet will work as a replacement if your old one has stopped v
FingO Finger Vibe
The FingO is a one-speed bullet vibe worn comfortably around your finger for direct stimulation where you want it. The stretchy, phthalate-free elastomer fits easily over most finger sizes.
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