Sliquid Silk Hybrid
Sliquid Silk is water based personal lubricant with a touch of silicone. Starting with a super silky water base, and blended with 12% silicone, Silk is all that a water based personal lubricant can be with the added longevity of a silicone lubricant. Sliq
Spunk Hybrid Lubricant
Spunk Lube Hybrid is a water based hybrid lube that resembles the look & feel of natural lubrication. It's white and creamy, cleans up easily and is long-lasting. Spunk Lubricant is safe to use with all sex toys and condoms. It is a hybrid blend of water
Gun Oil Force Recon Hybrid Lubricant
Gun Oil Force Recon is a hybrid lube combining both silicone and water. It is a clear, non-staining, easily washable, long lasting lubricant gel. For those familiar with "silk" hybrid formulations, this lube feels quite different!
ONE Oasis Silk
One Oasis Silk gently moisturizes and lubricates for more pleasurable sexual activity. Developed with the assistance of doctors and sexual health experts, One Oasis Silk may be used during sex or anytime to alleviate discomfort and dryness. Its water/sili
Sensuva Hybrid Lubricant
Erosense Sync is Sensuva's hybrid lubricant formula. It is a water-based personal moisturizer blended with about 15% medical-grade silicone to provide a longer lasting, sensual glide. It does not become as sticky or tacky as many typical water-based perso
Wicked Simply Hybrid Jelle Lubricant
Simply Hybrid Jelle is a clean, premium hybrid lubricant that is rich and ultra thick. Free of glycerin, propylene glycol and parabens, simply Hybrid Jelle is also vegan and cruelty free.
Wicked Simply Hybrid Lubricant
A creamy hybrid unlike any other, Simply Hybrid is a blended combination of water based and silicone lubricants. Simply Hybrid is free of glycerin, propylene glycol, and parabens, and is also vegan and cruelty free.
Wicked Hybrid Lubricant
This super silky water-based lube is blended in harmony with a rich bodied silicone that lasts and lasts. Wicked Hybrid lube goes on clear and is easy to clean off with water. Fragrance free. Paraben free. Vegan. No animal by products or testing.
Sensuva On Insane Warming Hybrid Lubricant
Fans of the feel of Erosense Sync Hybrid lube and the intense sensation of warming oils may have met their match with Erosense Insane. This is a warming lube that uses the primary active ingredients found in On Arousal Oil, but it is designed to be used i
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