Hugo 3-in-1 Pack and Play

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Please note: There has been a design update on the Hugo, which you can see here. We still have caramel and chocolate in this design.

Read more which you can see here. We still have caramel and chocolate in this design.">

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Hugo 3-in-1 Pack and Play

The Hugo 3-in-1 is the sibling of the Tomas 3-in-1 prosthetic, but without the extra paint detailing of the Tomas. The color on the Hugo is the same throughout, without the shading of the skin and veins that are carefully added to the Tomas. This brings the price down a bit on the Hugo-- and all other features remain as described below.

Please note: there has been a design update on the Hugo, which you can see here.

The Hugo STP-compatible is a 3-in-1 realistic silicone prosthetic is carefully crafted to fulfill both aesthetic & functional needs. Hugo is fitted with a removable flexible, jointed hard plastic insert for use during sexual play. During everyday packing, that insert is taken out to create the feel of a flaccid penis. The shaft in hollowed to allow for use as a Stand-To-Pee packer. You can use the flexible blue silicone STP funnel included with the Hugo, or you can add your own removable funnel device such as the Go-Girl (shown in one of the photos, but sold separately), or whatever funnel type might work best with your body. The hollowed area behind the balls will work with most STP funnel devices.

Made of 100% platinum medical grade prosthetic silicone that is very soft and flexible.

3D Scrotum: Adding to the realism is the full 3D scrotum that hangs & moves naturally. There is a hollowed-out area in the back of the scrotum to help accommodate the STP feature.

Due to the very soft, skin-like nature of the silicone on Hugo, it is best to use a harness that can encase the shaft during everyday packing. Allowing Hugo to rub against harsh fabric or items like zippers can wear away at the silicone, and dyes from denim jeans can be transferred onto the packer permanently. When using a harness for sexual play, it is best to choose a harness with a soft, non-abrasive O-ring such as the SpareParts Joque or the SpareParts Tomboi Brief or Tomboii Boxer. Both of those harnesses work well with the size of the shaft and testicles on the Hugo, as well as being gentle on the shaft area near the O-ring, which is most susceptible to friction and wear.

Total Length: 6 inches, (4 inches insertable) x 2 inches in diameter at widest point. Weight is 7.5 ounces

Material: Silicone

Available in three skin tones, Vanilla (light skin tone), Caramel (mid skin tone), and Chocolate (dark skin tone).

No single product works for all people, and this is especially true with pack and play items and STP items.

Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. We do not allow for exchanges based on size, color, or any other reason. If you have questions about this product, or are unsure before purchasing, please email us so that we can discuss any specific concerns before purchase.

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