Clean Eating, Dirty Sex

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Filled with humorous and heartfelt stories and science-based advice from more than fifty health experts, this is a hands-on cookbook, health guide, and memoir designed to empower readers to make enduring lifestyle changes in the kitchen and the bedroom.

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Clean Eating, Dirty Sex

Sensual Superfoods and Aphrodisiac Practices for Ultimate Sexual Health and Connection

by Lisa Davis

Lisa Davis shares personal reflections from her own journey from dirty to clean eating and her struggles on the path to a healthy relationship with sex and herself. From sharing life experiences to discussing how to make healthy habits stick, you will find yourself chuckling one minute and compassionately nodding the next.

The book will:

  • Teach readers to stock their pantry with healthy, sensual foods.
  • Explore the addictive nature of the Standard American Diet.
  • Offer advice on fitness activities that strengthen your sexual health.
  • Provide tips for deepening intimacy.
  • Include more than fifty delicious and healthy recipes.

The book follows the path from unhealthy eating habits to a diet that will enhance all aspects of your life--from sexual blocks to increased connection and sexual satisfaction. At its core, this book is about inspiring healthy lifestyle change and contains tips and tools on how to strengthen your resolve to make lasting change. The advice that's given on every page of this book is designed to help you improve your health: physically, emotionally, and sexually.

Whether you read it as a healthy sex guide or use it as a cookbook, Clean Eating, Dirty Sex is loaded with extras, and it will bring you the best of life's pleasures-- in and out of the kitchen and bedroom.

9781510729988, hardcover

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