SALE FTM Magazine, Fall 2015
FTM Magazine, Fall 2015
FTM Magazine's Fall 2015 issue features Staff Sergeant Logan Ireland and TransMilitary at the cusp of the lifting of the ban on trans military members. After his viral video for the NY Times, and meeting Obama in person, we touch base with Logan about his

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Original Plumbing, Issue 18
With discussions around the challenges, laws and activism that go hand in hand with public restroom drama some trans people face daily, we also focus on self-care and love in what sometimes feels like a less-than-friendly time to be trans in the world. Tr
Dating: It's Not Relationshipping
If you woke up all alarmed and find yourself wanting all that old shit, letters and sodas, read this zine and get on with doing the stuff that makes up dating. Like having FUN, remember that?
Original Plumbing, Issue 20
The final issue of Original Plumbing is here! For many years now, the Tool Shed has been thrilled to support and advertise in Original Plumbing, one of the most creative and thoughtful resources created by and for trans guys.
Found After Dark
This special edition of FOUND Magazine is made in the punk-collage style of the original and jam-packed with finds discovered in dumpsters, left at bus stations, and peeled off of sidewalks from around the world.
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