Spectrum of Sex, The
Introducing readers to seven variations of human sex, commonly considered intersex, the book challenges the myth that sex and gender are exclusively binary and explores the inherent diversity of biological sex and its relationship to gender identity and e
Comprehensive Guide to Intersex, A
Covering a wide variety of topics in an easy-to-read way, the book explores what intersex is, along with practical, proven advice on how professionals can help and support intersex people.
XOXY A Memoir
Filled with much-needed, straightforward information and advice about what it means to be intersex, this is a vital and timely resource for intersex people and their families, as well as the general reader.
Intersex Matters
Through an examination of medico-scientific, scholarly, political, and popular archives, Rubin argues that the medical regulation of atypical sex is fundamentally a feminist and a queer issue, and an intersectional and transnational one as well.
Between XX and XY
Sex is not an either-or proposition, switching between two poles like an on-off switch on a radio. Rather, sex is like the bass and treble knobs on that radio. Between XX and XY provides a fascinating look at the science of sex and what makes people male
Raising Rosie
When their daughter Rosie was born, Eric and Stephani Lohman found themselves thrust into a situation they were not prepared for. Born intersex, Rosie's parents were pressured to consent to normalizing surgery on Rosie, without being offered any alternati
Bodies in Doubt
What does it mean to be human? To be human is, in part, to be physically sexed and culturally gendered. Yet not all bodies are clearly male or female. Bodies in Doubt traces the changing definitions, perceptions, and medical management of intersex in Amer
Making Sense of Intersex
Proposing a philosophical framework for the treatment of children with intersex conditions one that acknowledges the intertwined identities of parents, children, and their doctors, Feder presents a persuasive moral argument for collective responsibility t
Intersex (For Lack of a Better Word)
What is "intersex"? According to the Intersex Society of North America, the word describes someone born with sex chromosomes, genitalia, or an internal reproductive system that are neither clearly male nor clearly female. In first-person prose as intimate
Fixing Sex
What happens when a baby is born with "ambiguous" genitalia or a combination of "male" and "female" body parts? Clinicians and parents in these situations are confronted with complicated questions such as whether a girl can have XY chromosomes, or whether
Contesting Intersex
In Contesting Intersex, Davis draws on interviews with intersex people, their parents, and medical experts to explore the oft-questioned views on intersex in medical and activist communities, as well as the evolution of thought in regards to intersex visi
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