Ass Book, The
Finally a comprehensive guide to a man's second most important sex organ! Designed for practical use, The Ass Book tells you how you and your partner can get more pleasure from your backside. The authors not only provide you with crucial information about
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, The
Tristan Taormino offers the kind of informed reassurance that can encourage even an absolute beginner to explore this nerve-rich part of the body, either alone or with a partner of any gender. Anal sex enthusiasts may need no encouragement, but will welco
Bigger Bang, The
Only two thirds of gay men practice anal sex. Why doesn’t the other third do it too? For Axel Neustaedter the problem starts with an information deficit. Many men suffer from false assumptions about cleanliness and possible injury; others have unaddressed
Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure, The
Just as G-spot exploration forever transformed women’s experience of orgasm, The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure: Erotic Exploration for Men and Their Partners offers men erotic pleasure beyond what they imagined possible. Men who may not feel confide
Anal Sex Basics
Sex educator Carlyle Jansen has all of the tips and techniques to ease you into butt play and anal pleasure. Anal play is so much more than just intercourse. Learn all of the sexiest secrets to fingering, licking, and using toys. Even try some erotic fan
Fist Me!
Getting a Grip on fisting is one of the extreme sports of gay sex. From advice about how to wash thoroughly, to tips about the right lube to use, useful relaxation techniques, and even a guide to the dark labyrinth inside your body--sex expert Stephan Nie
Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Men, The
From the publishers of the bestselling "Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women" comes a comprehensive self-help book for men of all sexual orientations. Among the topics covered are safety, preparation, and hygiene; how to give and receive anal pleasure; bu
Anal Pleasure and Health
Join therapist and sexologist Jack Morin, Ph.D., on this tour of the anus, complete with information and exercises to open the door to new sources of comfort and gratification. You'll unlearn habits that can cause everything from hemorrhoids to chronic pe
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