Anal Douche
The Vulcanite Anal Douche is an easy to use cleaning system designed for comfort and simplicity. It has a detachable screw mount flow head, a sturdy 4" mount shaft, a soft, pliable base, a 3" bulb probe, and a soft, flexible vacuum bulb.
Hemp Seed Massage Oil
These 100% vegan scented massage oils make an excellent gift, and are a convenient travel size at 2 oz. (TSA safe).
Earthly Body Scented Massage Candle
These 100% vegan candles melt into a warm, silky massage oil that penetrates & moisturizes the skin. Made from all-natural oils including Hemp Seed, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado oil, & Apricot oil. Natural soy oil burns much cooler than wax, so you can enjo
Ergoflo Extra 5 inch Anal Douche
The Ergoflo Extra anal douche comes with a medical grade 9 oz. contoured bulb featuring air valve technology that reduces messy back-flow and requires fewer refills. Extra comes with a premium 5" (13 cm) ABS plastic tip, and a 3" (8 cm) stowaway tip.
Brew City Botanicals Massage Oil
These sensual massage oils are made exclusively for the Tool Shed by Milwaukee's own Brew City Botanicals. Available in two formulas: sensual and unscented. All come in 4 oz. glass pump bottles.
Puritize UVee HOME Play
The UVee system is an easy and effective way to get your sex toys cleaner by using the power of ultraviolet light. In independent lab testing, UVee has been shown to be effective on toys made of silicone, jelly rubber, ABS plastic, and glass, eliminating
Earthly Body Edible Massage Oil Gift Set
These 100% vegan edible, flavored massage oils make an excellent gift-- the attractive box even has a little "to and from" space if you don't have time to wrap it! Makes a great holiday fun gift.
Beehive Alchemy Massage Bar
These locally-made massage bars melt into a rich oil when placed against the skin at body temperature for a few moments, but they remain solid at room temperature. They come in a resealable plastic cup for ease of re-use.
Beehive Alchemy Kissable Massage Oil
This fabulously delicious kissable massage oil is made locally by Beehive Alchemy. Available in Peach Daiquiri and Raspberry Margarita.
Earthly Body Scented Massage Candle, Hot Spiced Yum
This special winter edition hemp massage oil candle scent smells like orange peel, cinnamon bark and charred firewood.
DONA Let Me Kiss You Flavored Massage Oil Set
Transform your lover into a sensual dessert with the DONA Kissable Massage Oil Gift Set. Set includes three flavors: chocolate mousse, vanilla buttercream, and strawberry souffle. This size is great for travel.
Diva Wash
Need something to wash your Diva Cup? Diva Wash is botanically-based and naturally formulated to protect the silicone of your cup and the pH balance of your vagina.
PicoBong Mini Massage Candle, Livin' La Vida Coco
PicoBong's mini massage oil candles are a fun, travel-size tea-light candle that melts into a massage oil. Livin' La Vida Coco is a gentle and intoxicating coconut/vanilla scent. Candle size is 0.5 oz., designed for single use.
Beehive Alchemy Massage Balm
We asked Milwaukee's own Beehive Alchemy to create this lovely massage balm for us based on customer requests. It's great for all-over body massage, but won't drip or spill like an oil because of its thicker consistency.
Beehive Alchemy Bath Bon Bons
These locally-made bath bon bons dissolve in water to create a luxurious silky bath time. Available in Lavender Vanilla and an unscented option.
Earthly Body Scented Massage Candle, Shivers
This special winter edition hemp massage oil candle smells like eucalyptus mint, pine needles and sweet balsam.
Earthly Body Tasty Travel Collection, Strawberry
Contains: 1 oz. Waterslide, 2 oz. Edible Massage Oil, 2 oz. Edible Massage Candle, and Love Button arousal balm.
Sliquid Shine Toy Cleaner, 8 oz.
Sliquid Shine is a 95% organic intimate toy cleaner, is infused with body- & nature-safe cleansing agents like tea tree oil and castor oil, which have natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.
Renew Toy Cleaner
Renew Toy Cleaner's formula thoroughly cleans your toys while preserving and protecting their condition, without harsh chemical detergents and allergens. Simply spritz on, wipe off, and then rinse thorougly before use. Made in the USA.
Good Clean Love Rebalance Cleansing Wipes
When you're traveling and on-the-go, it's especially important to keep your body in balance. Bio-Match Rebalance Wipes gently cleanse, refresh, and eliminate odor with a gentle moisturizing cleanser infused with soothing botanical extracts. Like Good Clea
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