STP Fitz 2.0 Stand-to-Pee Packer: Mr. Softie
Price: $38.00 - $39.00

The Tool Shed and STP Fitz have worked in partnership to design and produce a new stand-to-pee device for trans men and others who wish to stand to urinate using their everyday soft packer.

The STP Fitz 2.0 receptacle is similar to "nipple" style STP packers, but created without the usual nipple+tubing+glue combination found in most similar products on the market today.

Launched in June of 2015, the STP Fitz 2.0 receptacle is made from flexible silicone-- it is a single-piece funnel/tubing combination unit that is passed through the shaft a soft packer. The funnel end has been tweaked from the original nipple design to a more oval shape with additional flow capacity. The silicone receptacle is soft enough to pack comfortably against the body when not in use, but designed to hold its shape while urinating. And the tubing does not swell appreciably over time, like latex tubing will often do in similar products.

The STP Fitz 2.0: Mr. Softie is hand-fitted by STP-FITZ from the Mr. Softie/"Limpy" soft packer. The Packer Gear soft packer is also available with the STP Fitz 2.0 conversion.

This product comes in vanilla (light flesh tone) and caramel (mid flesh tone), and in two shaft lengths: 3.5" (small) or 5" (large).

The STP Packer 2 only comes two colors because the manufacturer of the Mr. Softie does not make additional flesh tones. If you would like a darker skin tone STP packer, please consider the Model D STP Packer.

These items are converted to STP packers by hand, and as such they may contain minor cosmetic imperfections on the packer itself.

This device is not designed for intercourse.

The receptacle/tubing piece that passes through the packer is made from silicone. The outer packer's "skin" is latex-free and phthalate-free.

PLEASE NOTE: Buyers agree to use this item at their own risk. This item is not a medical device, and no medical use for this item is stated or implied. Using an STP packer can take practice. There is no guarantee this item will work for you, since every individual's body is different. Due to the nature of this product, all sales are final. We do not accept returns.

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Final Price:$38.00

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