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All events are held at 2427 N. Murray Ave., two blocks north of North Ave. near the intersection of North and Farwell, unless otherwise noted.

The Tool Shed at Pridefest!
Health and Wellness Area at the Pridefest Grounds
Henry Maier Festival Park, 200 N Harbor Drive, Milwaukee
Friday, June 10 through Sunday, June 12

The Tool Shed is excited to once again be a part of Milwaukee Pridefest! This year, we'll have a booth in PrideFest’s Health & Wellness Area, talking to festival-goers about sexual health and wellness. Well have some fun interactive games and activities, we'll do a little trivia and Q&A, and there will be plenty of opportunities to talk with our sexuality educators about sexual health, pleasure, and function! We're not going to be selling anything at our booth this year, but we'll have plenty of information, smiles, and some prizes. So, come check us out while you're enjoying Pridefest weekend!

Slut Shaming: What It Is, and How to Stop It
Saturday, June 11,
5:00 pm
At the Pridefest Grounds, Stonewall Stage
Henry Maier Festival Park, 200 N Harbor Drive, Milwaukee
Join Lucky Tomaszek for a look at the most effective weapon for keeping people down in the patriarchy’s arsenal: Shame. As an employee at the Tool Shed, Lucky works with people every day who struggle to articulate their sexual needs, and even name their body parts, without mortification. As a midwife, she encountered grown folk who didn’t have a clear picture of how conception and contraception works, because they were afraid to ask. We’ll discuss how shame works as a tool of oppression; look at things we can do right now to reduce its effect in our lives; and talk about our own experiences.

Ask the Sexpert
Sunday, June 12,
5:00 p.m.
At the Pridefest Grounds, Stonewall Stage
Henry Maier Festival Park, 200 N Harbor Drive, Milwaukee
When it comes to sex, it seems like the more you learn, the more there is to learn. Do you have a question or three about sexual health or pleasure? Wanna get an honest answer and a couple of good laughs? Join Tool Shed Education Coordinator, Lucky Tomaszek, at a live Q&A event. Lucky will collect anonymous questions from the audience, and then answer them right there! These events strive to combine honesty and humor, while providing accurate, up-to-date information to anyone with questions.

MKE Poly Group
Wednesday, June 15, 8:00 pm

This monthly discussion group is open to anyone who is interested in exploring polyamorous, nonmonogamous, or open relationships. Newcomers welcome. More information at www.meetup.com/Southeast-Wisconsin-Polyamory-discussion-group/. FREE.

Sexing The Transman
with Buck Angel
Saturday, June 18th, 2016, 8:30 p.m.

Pioneering filmmaker Buck Angel gives a groundbreaking audio-visual tour about trans male sexuality, including video interviews with a variety of trans men and the people who love them. This engaging presentation considers how trans men's bodies, sexualities, and identities are affected by the medical and social processes of gender transition.

We’ll explore how to affirm and acknowledge individual gender and sexuality, the effects of testosterone on trans men, and how to let go of social constructs in order to become more comfortable and self accepting.

As an icon of popular culture, Buck Angel’s message of empowerment through self-acceptance and being sexually comfortable in your own skin has struck a passionate chord with people all over the world. As he has demonstrated in his appearances at Yale, Cornell, and many other universities around the world, Buck is not only inspiring people to think outside the box, he is re-defining gender and educating an entire generation on the fluidity of sexuality and identity politics. Since Buck coined the phrase "it's not what’s between your legs that defines you!", the term has become an anthem for people everywhere who have been inspired by this message of self acceptance.

Buck has been featured in nearly every imaginable international media outlet: television, radio, web, and print. He has appeared on Joe Rogan Show, Howard Stern Show, Huffington Post, The Tyra Banks Show, Spike TV, The Women’s Entertainment Network, Much Music, Sirius Radio, Dan Savage,VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network and many others. He’s been written about in The Village Voice, Rolling Stone, Time Out, Maxim, New York Times, and other publications around the world. Mr. Angel, Buck’s documentary about his life and transition from female to male has become a hit on Netflix and has helped to inspire and educate many on the struggles of being a transsexual person.

Buck also serves on the board of directors of the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Alliance.

$15 per person/$25 per couple. Register here!

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