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All events are held at 2427 N. Murray Ave., two blocks north of North Ave. near the intersection of North and Farwell, unless otherwise noted.

MKE Poly Group
Wednesday, September 21, 8:00 pm

This monthly discussion group is open to anyone who is interested in exploring polyamorous, nonmonogamous, or open relationships. Newcomers welcome. More information at www.meetup.com/Southeast-Wisconsin-Polyamory-discussion-group/. FREE.

Milwaukee Film Festival showing: THE LOVE WITCH
The Tool Shed is a Community Partner in showing this film at the Milwaukee Film Festival!
SHOWING: Friday, September 30, 9:00 pm at the Times Cinema
The beautiful and alluring Elaine uses every spell and bit of magic at her disposal to make men fall in love with her. But after each successful conquest, the men become simpering simpletons unworthy of her affection, leaving Elaine with a growing body count and growing desperation to find the perfect mate. An absolute aesthetic delight from director Anna Biller, The Love Witch features succulent Technicolor imagery (filmed in 35mm!) and impeccably designed costumes and sets, perfectly evoking the gauzy sexploitation horror movies of the ‘60s and ‘70s. That the film also provides trenchant commentary on female desire and gender roles is icing on the formally seductive cake.

We’re happy to be a community partner of The Love Witch! Get tickets and information at https://mkefilm.org/the-love-witch/. And be sure to check out the rest of the festival's offerings. We're truly lucky to be in a city with such a great annual film fest!

BACK TO BACK: Butt Fun for Everyone!
This two night event will cover the basics of butt play for both women and men. You can register for either class, or both together. Both classes are open to people of all genders and orientations, so pick the one that sounds the most interesting to you!

Take It Like a Man with Cooper Becket and Lyndzi Miller
Friday, September 30, 8:30 pm
Pegging - The act of a female giving anal sex to a male using a strap-on. Some couples enjoy the power reversal of this and some guys simply just like it up the arse. (source: Urban Dictionary) Here at the Tool Shed we get questions about pegging every day. How do we do it? What are the right tools for the job? Does it actually feel good? I'm a straight guy, will pegging make me gay? 

Lyndzi Miller, Tool Shed staff member and sexuality educator, and Cooper Becket, Life on the Swingset podcaster, will answer these questions and cover all of the basics of pegging, a sexual activity that is quickly gaining popularity. They'll also talk about safety, male anatomy and the health benefits of being pegged. Yes guys, that's right. Taking it in the boot is actually good for you! 

BONUS: All class participants get a chance to win a FREE luxury glass plug from Crystal Delights!

$15 per person/$25 per couple. Register online.

Ladies Night: Bottom's Up! with Lyndzi Miller and Lucky Tomaszek
Saturday, October 1, 8:30 pm
We're going to start at the beginning, and talk about all different kinds of butt fun for you to explore on your own, or with a partner. There are so many ways to enjoy anal play - touching, rimming, fingering and penetrating with a penis or toy. We'll talk about all of them! This class will look at safety, pleasure, communication and the right tools for the job.

Staffers Lucky and Lyndzi have both worked at The Tool Shed for four years. They get to answer health and pleasure questions all day at work, and love teaching groups. Lyndzi is the moderator of the Milwaukee Poly Group, which meets monthly at the Tool Shed. Lucky serves as the store's education coordinator.

BONUS: All class participants get a chance to win a FREE luxury glass plug from Crystal Delights!

$10 per person. Register online.

Cross Dress for Success with Ashley Altadonna
Thursday, October 13, 8:30 pm
Breast forms and shapers and make-up, oh my! Tool Shed staffer and transgender filmmaker/author/advocate Ashley Altadonna will be on hand to go over some basics of feminine gender presentation and the joys of cross dressing. Geared towards male-bodied folks but open to everyone, this event will look at shopping for clothes, lingerie, hair removal, body shaping, make-up techniques and more.

Ashley Altadonna is a Sexuality Educator at Milwaukee's Tool Shed Erotic Boutique. An internationally distributed filmmaker and owner of Tall Lady Pictures (www.tallladypictures,com), she has been featured in publications such as Milwaukee Magazine, OnMilwaukee.com, and Milwaukee Record.com. When she's not annoying her cats with her songwriting, you can find her watching Italian Neorealist cinema. 

This class is FREE! No pre-registration necessary. Doors open at 8:15pm.

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