How To Measure for a Cock Ring

by The Tool Shed

For more basic information about cock rings, please read our "What is a Cock Ring" article first!

Measuring yourself for a cock ring

1. Take a string and slip it behind your balls and tug it up around the top of your penis (where it meets your body). The string should be pulled snugly to get an accurate measurement, but not too tight.

2. Mark the string on both sides where it comes together at the top.

3. Remove the string and measure between the marks. This measurement will give you your circumference of your cock and balls (behind your scrotum).

4. Take your circumference measurement and divide by 3.14 (or “pi,” for those who remember their geometry). This measurement will give you your diameter, which is how most cock rings are sized.

5. Repeat this process a few times to assure an accurate measurement.

6. When choosing an inflexible ring material such as metal, do not choose a diameter that is smaller than your physical measurement.

Sample measurements
Circumference: 5.5" = Diameter (ring size): 1.75"
Circumference: 5.75" = Diameter (ring size): 1.83"
Circumference: 6.00" = Diameter (ring size): 1.91"
Circumference: 6.25" = Diameter (ring size): 2"

If you are unsure about your measurements, or are new to using cock rings, consider purchasing a ring with snaps or velcro, or a stretchy ring—not only can you adjust the size on such rings, you can easily take them off if you experience pain or discomfort.

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