What is a Cock Ring?

by The Tool Shed

A cock ring is a ring that is worn around the base of the penis, usually behind the testicles, primarily to slow the flow of blood out of the erect penis.

Cock rings can help to maintain an erection for a longer period of time, and for some guys can increase sensitivity to the penis. Rings can we worn just around the shaft of the penis, but are much more effective when worn around both the shaft and testicles (with the ring as close to your body as possible).

Cock rings can be made from soft, flexible materials such as neoprene, silicone, rubber, or leather, as well as firm materials such as metal or wood. What material and shape any individual chooses will be based on their own personal preference-- some like wider rings, some like stretchy and small rings, others prefer metal, etc.

In general, softer materials or rings with snaps or other quick release devices are more forgiving for the beginner. Harder, unyielding materials are best chosen in a size that fits closely to your anatomy. When choosing a very firm material such as metal, it is wise to measure your own size first and look for a ring that will fit you appropriately. See our guide on measuring for a cock ring for more information!

The length of time you should wear a cock ring depends on the fit. Very tight rings should not be worn for more than 15–20 minutes at a time, while rings well-fitted to your anatomy can be worn for much longer.

If you choose a seamless ring (a ring that doesn’t have snaps or velcro, such as firm silicone or metal), put on the ring by placing one testicle first through the ring, followed by the second, followed last by the penis. Putting on a firm ring is best done while flaccid or only semi-erect. Adding lube can facilitate the process.

Remove a ring if you feel pain or numbness! If you are wearing a stretchy ring or a ring with snaps, removal is quite simple. If you are wearing a seamless ring, relax and slow down or stop the action until your erection goes down far enough to remove yourself (adding lube can also help to remove the ring). Cold water on the genitals can aid in this process if relaxation isn’t enough.

Cock rings can be a lot of fun and can enhance sexual experiences when used wisely. Experiment with a few types to see which is most comfortable for you!

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