Tips for Using Your Vibrator

by The Tool Shed

Note: This page is written mainly for people who are using vibrators mainly for clitoral and/or vaginal stimulation. We will soon also have guides with tips for those using vibes anally and for prostate stimulation.

So you've brought home your brand new vibrator, and now you're ready to use it!  Here are some tips for first-time vibrator users, or for those who want to expand their usual routine.

Initial preparation
First, make sure you've got the right batteries or that your rechargeable toy is charged up and ready to go.  If the vibe is new to you, take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the controls and functions. Gather any items, such as lubricant, a collection of your favorite erotica, or anything else that you'd like within reach.

Set aside some "me" time
If you are new to using vibrators, you might want to try the toy alone first before trying it with a partner, just so you don't feel any pressure as you take the time to explore what feels good to you.  Give yourself an uninterrupted block of time where you can relax in privacy.

Start slow and build
Allow your body the time it needs to become aroused.  You might try running the vibrator along your thighs, nipples, or around the vulva, gradually working to contact with the clitoris.  You might also try other things that help you feel aroused, such as running your hands along your body, or bringing to mind a fantasy that you enjoy.

The head of the clitoris can be extremely sensitive, so you may find you'll need to touch the vibrator to the clitoris indirectly at first, either slightly to the side, or through the material of your underwear or a towel.  Try the vibrator on a lower setting first, and build intensity as you desire it.  By building up your arousal gradually, the clitoris and your entire genital area will become swollen and more ready for direct and/or more intense stimulation.

Try adding lubricant
You may want to add a few drops of lubricant so that the vibrator can slide and move more easily against you.  This is especially helpful if you decide to try using your vibrator internally.

Try using the vibe internally
If you have a vibrator that is designed so that it can be used for penetration, you may want to try it internally.  Some vibes are designed with a curve or shape that can be used for G-spot stimulation, and some dual-use vibes are designed to stimulate the clitoris and work internally at the same time.  If using a vibrator internally, you might want to add some lubricant.  Experiment with the angle of the vibrator to find your favorite "sweet spot."  You might wish to stimulate your clitoris with your fingers while using the vibe internally.

Listen to your body
Everyone's body is different when it comes to the type of stimulation they might enjoy. Some people need intense, strong, and direct vibration for a sustained period in order to reach orgasm, while others find that a light, indirect touch and less intense vibration will knock their socks off.  You may need to experiment for a bit before you find the right combination of sensations. Experiment with pressure, intensity of vibration, and placement of the vibe to find your favorites.

A note about anal vibrator use
If you decide to try using a vibrator anally, choose one that is specifically designed for anal use and/or that has a flared base.  Anal toys are designed with a flared (i.e. much wider) base so that they do not accidentally slip inside the rectum during use.  An embarrassing trip to the emergency room can occur when a non-flared object is pulled into the rectum by contracting muscles.

If you use a vibrator for both anal and vaginal use, be sure to clean it very thoroughly any time it has been used anally before inserting into the vagina.  A condom can also be used to cover any toy that is used anally; remove the condom before using the toy vaginally.

Enjoy the ride
Adding a vibrator or any other sex toy to your routine is meant to be a pleasurable experience. Remember, there is no race to win or pressure to perform! Take your time, experiment, and hopefully you will find new sensations that allow you to enjoy your body in new ways.

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