How To Choose a Vibrator

by The Tool Shed

Everyone's body is different-- fortunately, there are lots of different kinds of vibrators out there to satisfy a range of needs and desires!

If you've never purchased or used a vibrator before, or if you're in the market for something new, here are some tips to help you choose a vibe to suit your needs.

How do you want to use the vibrator?
Some people simply want a vibe solely for clitoral stimulation, while others might want the option of both clitoral and vaginal use.  Some might want to experiment with G-spot stimulation, prostate (P-spot), or anal stimulation.

Keep in mind that vibes that are designed for vaginal insertion can also be used externally to vibrate against the clitoris.  On the other hand, external-use only vibes that are designed and shaped solely to stimulate the clitoris usually cannot be inserted.  So, if you're unsure what kind of stimulation you'd like to try, or want to experiment with both internal and external use, choosing a vibe that can go either way will allow for more flexibility.

Some vibrators are designed with curved angles or special shapes to assist with G-spot or prostate stimulation.  This may also be a consideration when choosing your vibe.

When choosing any vibe for anal or prostate use, it is important that the base of the vibrator be designed with a flared end, so that the vibrator cannot accidentally slip into the rectum.  Another thing to consider when choosing an anal-use vibe is finding one whose materials and construction will make it easy to clean.

Does the vibe have a range of speeds and functions?
When choosing your first vibe, you may not know yet how strong or soft a vibration you might enjoy.  Choosing a vibrator that has some range of intensities and functions will offer you options when experimenting with the kinds of stimulation you may enjoy.

What is the size, shape, and "feel" you'd prefer?
Some people enjoy the feeling of a smooth, firm vibe (made of a material such as ABS plastic, ceramic, or even metal), while others like a softer, more pliable material such as an elastomer or soft silicone vibe.

Size can also vary greatly, from the smallest bullet vibrator to long, thin vibes or short, chubby ones.  As mentioned previously, some vibes are shaped for specific types of stimulation, such as curved to enhance G-spot or prostate play.

Consider any additional specific features that may concern you (noise level, ease of controls, appearance, batteries/rechargeable/plug-in, partner use)
There are a number of vibrator options that may be important to particular users.  For example, a person with nosy roommates or curious children might want a vibe that is especially quiet or discreet-looking.  Depending on your motor control abilities or dexterity, a controller that adjusts easily can make a big difference.  Someone who doesn't want to worry about or dispose of batteries might choose a rechargeable.  And if you plan to use a vibrator during play with a partner, you might choose one whose shape is contoured or small, so as to be more easily held between your bodies, or you might choose a vibe that can be felt and enjoyed by both partners.

Don't forget color and appearance options, too!  To some, the way their vibe looks is very important—after all, if you're going to spend some quality time together, it helps to like the way your vibe looks, too!

Visit our store or contact us for assistance
If you're in the area, feel free to stop by the Tool Shed, where we can show you working samples of all our vibes in person.  If you can't make it in, feel free to give us a call or email with any specific questions you may have about vibrators, or any of the other items we carry.  We're always happy to help, and we want you to find a vibe that makes you happy, too!

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